Kyungmi (Kyungsoo)

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"Darling, your due date is nearing. You should stay at home and rest." D.O said while holding his wife's hands in his. Hani smiled and let him led her to their bed. "Okay, okay. I'll rest for today." Hani said it after she saw the look in D.O's eyes. He look so worried but he sigh in relief after Hani decided to stay at home and not stressing herself with works today.

"Aren't you going to work today?" Hani ask when she saw D.O almost fall asleep on the couch beside her. In an instant, D.O open his eyes "Oh shoot!!" He said and grab his blazer. He quickly stand in front of a mirror and his hands are fumbling while he is trying to tie the tie. Hani chuckle and walk to him. She spun him around facing her. 

"Why are you so worried? You are the CEO. You can enter the office a bit late. Take it slow, Kyungsoo." Hani said and smile. Her hands busy tie-ing his tie properly. D.O is staring at her when she is focused to help him with his tie. 

"Already looking so beautiful early in the morning, huh?" D.O said while eyes still continue to stare at her brown orbs. Hani let out a small chuckle and finished on helping him with his tie. She just stand in front of him. "Well thank you. You don't look so bad either, Mr Do" She said and earned a shy chuckle from D.O. After all this years that they known each other, he's still blushing unexpectedly. Hani thought while smiling. D.O is literally blushing "Thank you, Mrs Do." He said and both of them stare at each other for a few seconds before they burst into laughter. 

"Omma, where is Appa going?" A cute voice ask Hani. Hani and D.O look down only to meet a 1 year old Taehyung with a question mark in his eyes. 

"Appa is going to work, baby" Hani said and D.O pull Taehyung and hold him in his arms "Why? You want daddy to always be here with you?" D.O ask. Taehyung pout and nod slowly. "Aigoo, what a cute son. Daddy need to work to buy a lot of toys for Taehyung." D.O said and Taehyung's pout is deeper now. "But I love daddy more than I love toys!" He said. Hani and D.O laugh. 

"But daddy also need to earn money to buy your little sister toys." D.O said. Taehyung smile "I can't wait to get a sister!" He said and giggle cutely. D.O shake his head seeing his son's change of reaction in a split second after he mentioned the word 'little sister'. D.O look at his watch. "I need to go now, darling." He said. Taehyung look at him "Promise to come home ppali ppali, okay?" He said with his cute small voice. Hani mentally squel in her mind. 

Taehyung is still in his arms. D.O look at him and smile. "Daddy have to go to work so that he can buy toys for Taehyung's little sister" He said. Taehyung nod and smile. "But daddy need a kiss to survive for the whole day" D.O said. Taehyung grab D.O's face with his small hands and kiss both of his cheeks. "Taehyung hope this will help daddy to survive at work today!" Taehyung said, D.O laugh and put him down. "Of course, but daddy need kisses from Mommy too." D.O said innocently. 

Taehyung clap his hand "Mommy! Kiss daddy! Ppali ppali!" Taehyung said. D.O laugh and Hani roll her eyes but she smile after. She grab D.O's face and pull him closer to her face. She kiss both of his cheeks lovingly and pull back her face while smiling. "Have a great day at work, Kyungsoo" She said. 

D.O look at her and grab her hand, pull her to his body and kiss her on the lips. They broke the kiss and D.O look at her "I need kiss on the lips too. Its my medicine!" He said. Hani laugh and smile. 

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