The Reunite

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"Baekhyun sshi is here"

EXO stop whatever they are doing right now and turn their heads to look at Hani. Hani look at D.O and he only smile and nod at her.

"He is Taehyung's father, after all." He said softly. Hani just look at him for a few seconds and smile at him after, "Okay.." She said.

"Let him in." Hani said. The butler bow at them and walk to the door. Meanwhile, Baekhyun entered the mansion when the butler let him in.

He walk in the mansion while eyes wandering around. At least she let me in. He thought. The house is so warm and lovely which reminded him of their house before any of the problem surfaced. He walk to the living room and saw EXO there, watching the tv and sit on the floor while eating some snack. He chuckle seeing them. Still the same. He thought. He missed his brothers, he felt its as if they haven't meet forever. His eyes darted at the two person who sit comfortably beside each other, leaning their heads on each other. Baekhyun lost his smile a bit seeing Hani and D.O.

"Hi, Baek." Luhan, the first to stand and greet Baekhyun. Luhan come and give him a bro hug while smiling. The rest of EXO just sit on the floor. "Come here, punk. Sit with us." Kris said, acting as if theres nothing happened. Baekhyun smiled and sit on the floor beside two of his closest friends, Chanyeol and Chen. D.O look at him and smile while Hani dart her eyes away, completely feeling awkward with his presence. Baekhyun only stare at her for a while when Chen and Chanyeol pull him in a hug. 

"Yah! We missed you!" Chen said. Baekhyun smile happily, "I miss you guys too!" He said. 

"Cut that little drama over there. Lets watch the movie!" Tao said and everyone turn their focus to the movie they are watching. 

Hani snuggle in to D.O. D.O look at her and he can tell that she is nervous because Baekhyun is here.

"Are you nervous? Don't worry. I'm here." D.O said and hold her hand. Hani smile at him, I am so lucky to have someone as supportive as him in my life.. Hani close her eyes and fell asleep on D.O's chest. D.O chuckle and play with her hair while watching the movie. 

You are so cute. He thought.

Meanwhile Baekhyun has been staring at them for a while now. He felt jealous. I am supposed to be the one to play with her hair. I am the one she should lean her head on. And I am the one who should comfort her and hold her hand.. He thought. He admit it, if he didn't screw up in New York then any ot this wouldn't happen. But he accepted the fact that he is at fault and he can't turn the time back to where it started.

D.O lift Hani's leg to the couch and put her head on his lap comfortably while petting her hair lovingly. Baekhyun look from far.

How do I ever win you back?

Luhan and Xiumin look at them from far. 

"What a complicated relationship." Xiumin said and Luhan only nod in aggreement to his statement.

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