Bonus chapter: Noctis x reader Catch of the red unknown

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Location: Vannath Coast, Gladin Quay

"Hey vegetable hater, you are going to be in trouble," I stated as my hands were holding a bucket of unknown devices, I felt annoyed that I agreed with this plan to go with him and he lied to me...again. I wore a navy tee shirt with ripped capris and black boots.

"No, we won't. We are just on, uh, vacation." Noctis quickly answered as he scratched his head, he mumbled 'crap' and sighed heavily. He wore a white tee shirt with a light blue jacket, navy jeans, blue cap and black converse all-star shoes. Something different than his usual goth attire but I think he was trying to avoid a certain someone.

"That is the worst fucking excuse I've heard from you, goth."
"Alice, come on," Noctis said as he leads me to a pond that seems to glow in the morning sun, we stopped at the pier and placed our stuff down.
"What are these things, vegetable hater?" I asked with curiosity as my hand took out a small yellow piece that looked to be a funny little animal of destruction.
"Those are called lures, Alice. I take it you never fished with your master?" Noctis asked as he summoned his rod, he took a box out of the bucket and opened to reveal the small little devices.
"Fishing? Is that a battle to the death? Lures? I think I have seen these. The lures are bombs, right?" I asked my questions as Noctis just at me as if I was a crazy person.
"First off, fishing is an activity some people enjoy. Lures are not bombs; it's used to catch fish. What is wrong with you? No, I take that back. What has your master is teaching you?" Noctis corrected me on my thoughts about the odd fishing gear. I shrugged my shoulders not answering him but my hands put the lure back in the bucket and I sat on the wooden surface as well as Noctis.

"Today, let's enjoy the peace and quiet, Alice."

"I don't see the point. Where is the battle?" I asked in annoyance not seeing anything interesting in our location

"haaa...Seriously, Alice?" Noctis asked as he cast the line into the air, the lure hit the water and went underwater. My eyes were scanning the water for data that seem to be different if the water moved. My hands took off my boots from my feet and dipped one of my feet into the water. Instantly, my scanners told me the water data became a higher data pattern as my feet begin the kick the surface of the water.

"You having fun with the water, Alice?" Noctis voice made me stop my action and my eyes turned to his grinning face.


"Fun?" I asked in confusion

"Yeah, it looked like you were having fun kicking the water," Noctis stated

"Oh...well. I have seen the water but never went in." I said

"Why not?" Noctis asked

"...Never had the time." I answered

"Oh. Alice, come here." Noctis gestured a sit next to him as I got up from my previous spot, I sat next to him and he gave me the fishing rod. I looked at him in confusion as he explained this fishing rod and how it works. When I got the idea down, my hands began to reel the line slowly and I felt a tug on the rod.

"I think I got something, goth."

"Great! Reel it in quickly now." Noctis told me as I was trying but whatever is on the line is strong and trying to break the line. I got up from my spot and began to pull the line. Noctis got up as well and went behind me to take both of my hands on the rod. With our strength, we were pulling this fish in slowly but it was proving to be a worthy foe. We both saw a very large redfish that jump out of the water and back into the watery area. Suddenly, Noctis and I were pulled harshly into the water. I quickly got up with the rod still in my hands and Noctis lost his balance but slowly got back up. My eyes looked at the rod to see the line was broken and Noctis said,

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