Chapter 32: The Grand Master Keta

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After the whole ordeal, Cor went his separate way again. He gave me one last look as if to remember my promise. Whatever he better remember his. The boys and I got into the car again to drive to our next location. My mind reeled in a lot of questions with no answers. There was a big question that I truly wanted to be answered: What are you up to, Medusa?

Meanwhile in Niflheim

"So the prince eludes death. What of the elusive ring?" The emperor Iedolas asked as all were gathered in the grand room to discuss the details thus far, however, Medusa has other ideas.

"Lunafreya has absconded with it," Ravus answered as Medusa snorted in disgust of hearing the news, Ravus did a quick glare of the woman and returned his focus to Iedolas.

"Find her and kill her. The ring is the final piece." Iedolas said darkly

"We may do well to keep her alive. The Six wield power beyond our imagination and the Orcale holds the key for the King. She could unlock many secrets." said Verstael

"Ha!! The Oracle holds many secrets, Verstael? You are very wrong, you senex(old man)." Medusa finally spoke as Ravus and Verstael looked at the woman as if she was mad.

"You forget that (y/n) holds all the secrets with the Six."

"That has yet to be proven due to your experiments. I believe it has given you least of the result that you were looking for." Verstael retorts as some the soldiers' gasps in shock of him talking back to Medusa and she stood still in place. Suddenly, the air became heavy with anger and darkness. As if a dark presence wants to have their authority known. Purple small clouds surround Medusa as she gave a death glare to Verstael and asked darkly,

"You want to say that to me again, chief researcher?"

Verstael gulped in presence of Medusa and didn't say a word back.

"That is what I thought, you fool," Medusa said as her purple clouds began to disappear, Ravus let go a breath to relax and said to Iedolas.

"My men and I will continue our search for the prince and the Oracle."

"So glorious...My Crystal." Iedolas said

Returning to the Chocobros and (Y/N)


As my eyes laid upon the sign, I knew I was heading into deeper territory and with much worry. During the drive, I felt very heavy in my body lately and having a sluggish feeling. Without warning, we somehow got to Lestallum in a blink of an eye and my thoughts began to panic. According to the boys, I slept the whole trip in the car and that made me concerned. I'm a fucking machine that doesn't need sleep but I'm reminded by the Blue Z virus that infected me. I am indeed turning human. Fuck! If that was the case, what about my abilities? Some many questions ran through my mind as I need to find a place to be alone and sort out a plan. As Ignis parked the car, the boys got out and I did as well but very slowly.

"Hey Alice, you ok? You don't look too good." Noctis commented as he came to me, I was about to push him away but my body seemed to have a mind of its own. I fell from where I stood and landed on Noctis's body.

"Alice, what's wrong?!" Noctis began to panic as the three other men came to me and I said,

"...Tired...need sleep.."

Damn, I can't even speak right!!

"Wow. I thought Noct gets tired but Alice you take the cake." Prompto said


"Spirits, kid?" Gladiolus said as he is confused

"Ah! That's right, Alice has at least two spirits within her. They probably tired from all the fighting that she has done up until now. Let's secure a lodging place." Ignis said as Noctis began to lift on to his back, my arms wrapped around his neck and he started to walk. We reached the center point of the shopping plaza as Gladiolus's phone started to ring, he took it out and started to look at it.

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