Chapter 22: Why are we doing this again?

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Finally at the car garage, the boys finally were able to rest and regain their energy. My mind calculated that we are in Hammerhead that seemed to be an outpost. It looked bare with no buildings like Insomnia and the environment is dusty. A blond hair woman wearing a yellow jacket with a red top that seemed to be revealing...confusing and a red hat on her head. Around her blue shorts is a belt that held tools of mystery and for her footwear is white boots with black long leggings. She came up to us and said,

"Hey, ya'll keep a girl waiting!"

A girl waiting? What's that mean?

"Now which one is the prince?" She asked as my eyes darted to the prince who is lying down next to the car as if he didn't want to get up, my hands grabbed his arm and pulled him up.

"He's right here." I said as Noctis stood up, he pulled his arm away from me and gave me a small glare. I raised an eyebrow as a challenge and turned my attention to the strange blond girl.

"Aha! Welcome your highness, Congrats on your wedding!" She said

"Not hitched just yet." Noctis said as he looked at the young woman as well

"Lady Lunafreya's groom to be, here in Hammerhead."

"Apologies for taking so long." Ignis said

The blond young lady chuckled and said,

"You best save your apologies for paw paw."

Paw-Paw? What's that? A dog? I thought as my mind is thinking about a cooked animal

"Well, that makes you..." Gladiolus asked

"Cindy-Cid's grease monkey granddaughter." Cindy answered him as her eyes darted to me as she came to me and said,

"Well, aren't you a pretty little thing! What's your name, little lady?"

"Alice. What's a Paw Paw? Is that food?" I asked her as she started to laugh, the boys just sighed as if they expected that answer and Cindy answered,

"No, it's not food, sweetie. Are you hungry?"

"Starving. The boys made me push and Noctis didn't do shit." I said as Prompto gasped at my words, Gladiolus and Ignis chuckled in amusement.

"What's that supposed to mean, Alice?" Noctis said as he glared my way

"It means to shut up. I'm talking to the blond boots over here." I replied

"Blond boots?" Cindy asked as she looked a little confused

"Apologies again, Alice gives nicknames to everyone she talks to." Ignis answered

"Apparently, she thinks you are a blond boots now." Gladiolus added

"Aw, you're sweet, Alice. Thanks for the nickname."

"Roll her in while I'm young!" a voice shouted behind us. We all looked to see an elderly man walking to the car. His appearance is some elderly man with a red hat that matched his red jacket with a white t-shirt that has a blue stripe, navy jeans and black sneakers. My eyes were seeing his aura as calming but it changes from grey to a light red when he got near Noctis.

"Didn't your daddy tell ya? She's a custom classic, not some beat-up ol' clunker." Paw-Paw said as he is looking at the car for any damage, his eyes stared at Noctis then to me and said,

"Prince Noctis."

"Uh, yeah." Noctis replied as not knowing what to say, Cid sigh a little bit and started to walk again

"Prince. Like they took your old man and kicked the dignity out of him." Cid said

"What?" Noctis asked as he was confusion and

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