Chapter 4: Hunt-Purple Fang part 1

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Not my image. Imagine this as the Purple Fang with many tails.

My ears were really good at hearing from noise from a distance or up close. This morning was not a good wake-up call from annoying ringtone and my eyes opened up to see Ignis up already. As I rose from the ground, Prompto and Gladiolus woke up as well.

"What an annoying ringtone you have." I blurted out as my arms stretched and Ignis replied,

"Well, it worked to wake up all of you, didn't it?...Well, almost everyone."

My eyes saw Noctis still sleeping on the ground regardless if the phone was ringing. After the sixth time of the ringtone, the annoying sound ended and Noctis is still sleeping.

"What is he, sleeping beauty?" I asked as Noctis's friends chuckled, Prompto nodded at my question and said,

"Yeah, he always does this. He's a heavy sleeper."

"Mm. What a weak being not waking up when needed."

"Wow, you're harsh, Ice Alice."


"What you don't like the nickname? I think it suits you and I can picture you being that cartoon character on disney...what was her name again...Elsa!"

"What the hell?"

"Prompto, as always you don't make any sense." Ignis said while shaking his head a bit in disgust as Gladiolus nudged Noctis to wake up, he did two hard shakes and Noctis slowly got up.

"Morning, buddy!" Prompto shouted as Noctis rubbed his head and opened his eyes slowly

"Too loud, Prompto..." Noctis replied as his eyes looked at me, he stared at my eyes with his cheeks becoming red and averted his gaze away from mine. Weirdo...

"Were you dreaming about Ice Alice kissing you all night, dude? I wouldn't mind if Ice Alice kissed me like she did to you. I'm still jealous you got a hot kiss from a babe!" Prompto teased as Noctis glared at him and retorted,

"No! I wasn't, idiot! Don't tell me your ideas!"

"Then why are your cheeks red, man?" Prompto raised an eyebrow and Ignis smirking a bit in amusement

"He's just a kid, Prompto, who got his first kiss by a girl who forced him to eat greens." Gladiolus chuckled at the memory and Noctis snorted not saying anything else. I got up from the ground to go outside and my feet lead me to the beautiful outdoors. The Duscae hasn't changed much since I know the area pretty well. I used to train here in secret because I wanted know things around this beautiful world without the eyes of Nifliem. Everyone else came out from the tent and we started to walk. According to Ignis, the Purple fang is a unknown creature that has taken down behemoths and other larger creatures. The only piece of information that seems reliable is that the creature with red streaks on it's tail.

"Man, where is this thing?!" Prompto complained as we continued to walk

"Prompto, stop being a child. You're not helping the situation." Gladiolus sighed

"Whatever, man! We've been walking around the area and no sign of this Purple Fang!" Prompto shouted as my feet stopped on the ground, I bent down and placed my shealthed sword to the ground by the tip of the blade. The boys stopped walking as they turned their heads back to me and were slightly confused of what I was doing.

"Uh...Ice Alice, what are you doing?"

I didn't answer him because my senses were telling me something was happening further north of where we were standing. I have stronger senses then any human being can do; after all, I'm just a product.

"You're starting to creep us out here." Prompto added

"Maybe it's just you." Gladiolus replied as Prompto glared at him and Gladiolus asked me,

"Hey missy, not to bother you but is there reason you're doing that?"

"Further north..." I finally answered as the group gave me a look

"If we go further north, we'll find the Purple Fang in no time but..."

"But..." the boys said

"Something else is there..."

"Ice Alice, are you sure?" Prompto asked

"Don't believe? Fine. I will take this creature head on by myself then." I said as I continued to walk forward to where my senses were telling me to go.

"Whoa! I'm not doubting you, beautiful! I'm just kinda concerned is all."

"You are quite the chatterbox, Prompto." I said as the boys laughed at my response and followed me. We walked about two miles into a heavy filled forest with the fog that seemed to thicken further down we walked. My senses were becoming heighten from what I was feeling. The trees were telling me to turn away with the wind lightly blowing the leaves and branches. Someone tapped me on the shoulder as my eyes turned to see it was Noctis and walked beside me. We didn't speak for a while until he spoke up.

"So, what's with your sword?"


"Your sword, you always hold on to it. You never let go, why?" he asked me as my mind is currently to trying to come up with another lie that will convince him. Gosh, who knew lying would be so hard.

"...I carry the sword for my...master."

"You have a master?"

"Yes, a great master who wields a sword similar to the one I'm carrying. We travel around the Duscae area and other places."

"If you two travel together, where is your master?" He continued to ask. He is very persisant to know me, damn it.


"You don't know where he is?"

"No...he...left me when I turned fifteen..." I answered as Noctis looked at me as if he pity me. My hand felt warmth suddenly as my eyes warded to his hand intertwining with mine and I gave him a questioning look. He just gave me a small smile and I raised my eyebrow in confusion of his action. The other 3 men whistled from behind as Noctis glared at them and they chuckled in response. They act like children. Suddenly, we hear a roar in our direction as our eyes looked to see a big fat creature charging towards us and it went down. It was dead for sure until a little rabbit looking creature got on the top of the larger creature and danced in victory with its red streaks tails.
"It seems our target has found us." I said as I unsheathed my sword, the rabbit creature came down from its prey and looked at us as if ready for a fight.
"You're telling me this is the Purple Fang??" Prompto said in confusion and pointed at the creature
"The description of this creature matches the hunt's information. Don't underestimate, Prompto." Ignis said as his daggers appeared in his hands

"Whatever, man! There is no way this thing is the-Aaaah!!" Prompto shouted as the rabbits tails wrapped around Prompto that tossed him in the air and the tails hit him numerous times. Then Prompto fell to the ground and groaned in pain. Ignis sighed and said,

"What did I tell you, Prompto..."

"Enough talking, girls. Time to fight our opponent." I said as I unsheathed my sword and pointed at the Purple Fang.

This better be a good fight.

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