Chapter 33: Alice's First Hope

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"A life from the king's soul?" Noctis repeated the words to sure what he heard as well as me.

"Yes, The life of the king's soul would purify us and send us above. Once accepted, our lives are free from the dark. However, no king from this day has completed our promise." Keta said as the group looked wearily of Keta's words. No would know the promise except maybe one person.

"Was King Regis aware of your promise? If so, didn't he have everything to complete it?" Ignis said in curiosity

"Yes, King Regis was aware of our kind. However, he couldn't complete our promise." Keta answered as Noctis looked shaken, his expression looked upset for not knowing about the Grand Masters and asked,

"Why didn't the King tell me?"

"I don't know. Every King should be aware of our presence but the last king to aware of us was from 2000 years ago."

"Hold on, what?!" Prompto said as he was in shock as well as Iris

"2000 years?" Iris said in shock as if she couldn't believe it either.

"The last king to know your kind was 2000 years ago? Why?" Noctis asked again

"2000 years ago there was a traitor."

"A traitor? What did they do?" Gladiolus asked

"...They took from the tree of life and opened the paradox of the forbidden. Ended the world and the gods were angered. However, the world was reborn into the image of the sacrifice for their life ended with the paradox of the forbidden. The world was renamed to Eos."

"Say what?" Noctis and Prompto said in union

"You mean to tell us that this world is a rebirth from the old one? Impossible." Ignis commented

"Heh. You think you know your history? Oh, sad but yet, I'm happy. No human should remember the horror that was placed upon the world. Only one remembers."

"Who remembers?" Iris asked in curiosity

"This girl named Alice."

No spoke. What could they say? What could I say? Did I survive the horror from 2000 years? How?

"I must go, time is wasting away. You the young king must complete our promise."

"How do I do that?" Noctis quickly asked

"You will know when the time comes. This girl will be your guide and key. Be wary of your choice and the traitor." Keta said with the final words as she disappeared to nowhere, I gained back control of my body and blinked my eyes a few times. I say everyone in shock or fear and said,

"Why are you guys giving me that look? It's creepy."

"Alice, remember anything?" Prompto hesitated to ask and I answered,

"No, why? I was feeling really sleepy."

"Not even a little?" Iris asked

"No, what is going on? Why are you guys scared??" I asked foreign stupidy for now but inside I was livid that Keta had the nerve to control me. 

"Miss Alice, Keta told us information about the Grand Masters." Ignis said as I gave him a look of 'crap', I looked away from everyone and he continued,

"It's said that the Grand Masters protect those without power and they had a promise with our king. Were you aware of this?"


The last time Cor and Alice talked when the boys made camp.

"Immortal, you promised me information on Medusa. Now talk." I said in a whisper while talking on my phone as I was still awake tonight around midnight, the boys were asleep and I managed to sneak away.

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