Bonus Request: Alice and Noctis Pocky challenge Part 2

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I am waiting for the three fools to back to the citadel as I was sitting in the living room area with Gladiolus and Ignis. I don't understand why they would date me. It's a mystery I have yet to solve; I should ask for advice from the wise beard man. Suddenly, the door opened with a hard slam as we turned our heads to the door and saw the three idiots have returned. They were breathing heavily with their clothes slightly ruined and each one had a bag of food.

"I got food for you, Alice!" Noctis, Prompto, and Nyx said in unison and glare at each other.

"Ok, Nyx show what kind of food you got," I said as Nyx smirked at the other two boys, he came to me and handed me the food bag. Inside was a nicely made pasta with vegetables and tomato sauce. A hit of meatballs and a small garlic bread.

"I got this at an Italian restaurant and know you will like it," Nyx said as he winked at me

"Typical, Nyx." Noctis and Prompto snorted. Nyx ignored them as I began to eat the food, the pasta tasted good but had a overcook temperature and the vegetable didn't taste right. However, I ate the whole plate of food and burped when I was done. The men just stared at me in awe of me finishing a meal in less than 15 minutes.

"Prompto, what did you bring?" I asked as Prompto wasted no time giving me a steak meal with broccoli with cheese sauce. My mouth felt the meat wasn't all the way cooked but still was delicious. The broccoli with cheese is a new type of food for me. It tastes good with the cheese but would prefer not to have it. Once again, I ate the whole meal again and asked,

"Noctis, what about you?"

Noctis came to me as he handed me the bag, he looked a little wearily of what he had and I opened the bag. My eyes saw a plastic foam cup with a name brand of 'Ramen noodles' and then I looked at him with a questioning look.

"Did you make this, Noctis?"

"..Kinda of..." Noctis said as he scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Dude, you can't cook to save your life," Prompto said

"You are seriously giving her ramen??? Man, you suck, Noctis." Nyx said

"Shut up, you two!" Noctis shouted back as I took my first bite of the ramen, I ate the whole cup of ramen and Nyx commented

"Wow can eat..."

"Told ya, Nyx. This girl has one hell of an appetite." Gladiolus added

"Indeed. She will eat just about anything including greens." Ignis stressed the last word at Noctis who glared back as if he didn't want to hear the lecture. I burped at the last food that was given to me and the three men were waiting for me to say who the winner is.

"None of you won. You all fail." I said with a straight face as the three men looked at me for a second and said in unison,

"What?! Why?!"

"The food was good but there were flaws in each dish, boys. So, there is no winner. I scratch that; Tattoo man, you win."

"Gladio won!! Why does the big guy win? He didn't play the game!" Prompto stated

"He didn't give you a dish!" Nyx added

"Why would you date Gladio anyway?!" Noctis added as Gladiolus chuckled a little bit at their reactions, Ignis sighed and said,

"He did give her a dish."

"....What?" The three men asked

"It was one of the dishes I made earlier." Ignis states "I was cooking in the kitchen before this happened. When you gentlemen left, Gladiolus asked if he has one of my cooked meals and gave it to Alice."

The three fools looked at Gladiolus as if they thought he was lying but I know he wasn't.

"Yep. I just grabbed Ignis's cooking and gave it to Alice." Gladiolus confirmed to them as they got the shocked look, Gladiolus looked at me and asked,

"So, you want to date, Alice?" As the three men were tense of my response

"Hell no. I want to fight you, tattoo man." I replied as the three-man looked baffled at my words and let out a sigh of relief.

"....Again? Seriously, Alice?"

Finally came up with the last part of the pocky challenge and thought you guy might like it.

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