Bonus Chapter: Nyx x Alice(reader) Dancing with you

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I am taking a break from fighting Immortal as he went to work too soon.


Luckily, I found something to do in this big place and it's called 'cleaning'. I am currently cleaning with a group of maids that were in the ballroom. My hands were sweeping with a broom as I remember cleaning my training room after I killed a person and had to clean again. Repetitive process but worth it. The boys were on some secret mission and I wasn't allowed to tag along after I suddenly disappeared after the mafia deal. Bunch of shit right now. Suddenly, the doors opened to reveal Nyx who had a big grin on his face and his eyes were on me.


"Hey Alice, I found you!" Nyx said with excitement as he walked towards me, I pointed my broom at him and he stopped.

"Don't come near me, womanizer." I quickly said as the maid began to laugh at Nyx's nickname, he sighed and asked,

"Alice, you busy right now?"


"You're cleaning. That is not being busy," he commented

"It's the awesome job for mediation, womanizer. Now leave." I said as I returned to sweeping the floor but Nyx took my hand and broom. I complained about his activities as he gave the broom to one of the maids and lead me out of the ballroom. He took me outside the Citadel as I gave up on complaining because he didn't take no for an answer and took me to some odd looking store that said 'Boutique'. We went inside the store to see many clothes were displayed or on the rack. He told the sales lady about me and she got me a fitting room. I was given many dresses but I chose one that is red.

An idea of what dress Alice is wearing.

An idea of what dress Alice is wearing

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"That looks

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"That on you..." Nyx stuttered in his speech as I gave him the middle finger, he pouted and we walked out of the shop. I was about to leave Nyx but he caught my wrist and dragged me along with him. My ears began to hear some music in the distance as Nyx quickened his pace towards it and my ears were picking up sounds I never heard before. The Glavie finally stopped as we were in some fighting ring but people were doing some strange...form of movement. 

"Alice, let me welcome you to the dance event: Tango!" He said as he gave me a wide smile of enthusiasm, we were silent for a moment and I asked,

"What the hell is Tango?" 

Nyx looked at me as if a crazy person entered the room but his expression didn't last. His mouth formed into a crazy grin and replied,

"Let me show you what tango is, Alice." 

He lead me to the odd place when everyone is moving funny and stopped in a space with wide enough space. He told me where to place my hands as I gave him a confusing look of why but he place my hands where it needed to be. Our first attempt at this tango was strange. He told me to follow his lead where I thought he meant battle. I was wrong. Second attempt, we kept bumping into people and they weren't happy. My feet stumbled in the red heels and I cursed at these shoes. Not formidable wear for battle. After a few more attempts, I finally got the hang of the tango. 

"Hey Alice." 

"Yeah, womanizer?" I said as Nyx is quiet, he shook his head and replied,

"It's nothing."

"Bullshit, it's something. Tell me, womanizer or I scream your nickname in the whole crowd." I said as my eyes saw he tensed a little then relax and said,

"You remind me of a certain someone."

"Someone? Who is it?" I asked in curiosity as we continued to step around our dance space

"Well...she used to love doing the tango and really good at it." He started "She was someone who spoke her mind even if they were a higher ranking person."

My scanners were acting on their own again. Dammit. For a short people of the scanners, I saw Nyx dancing with a different woman but felt that same aura in my deep sleep cycles. I wanted to record the short video but it disappeared and I mentally cursed for not getting information. My eyes saw Nyx giving me a small smile and that emitted a light shade of blue. He was grieving about this woman and felt some remembrance around me. Why?

"I ask again: Who is it?" I asked

"Someone...who was close to me." Nyx said

"Your not saying a name, why?"

"...One day I will tell you. Right now, let's dance the night away." Nyx said ending our conversation but it opened a new question:

Who is this woman that Nyx loved so much?

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading Nyx x reader; second runner up in the voting game. I wanted to make this a chapter that you will be curious about. Later down the road, you will find out why. 

Have a great day!

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