Chapter 28: Seeking the truth

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We began our drive back to Insomnia as everyone is worried about the Crown City. Their auras were filled with grey and red colors. I assume is depression for hearing the Crown City was attacked which was part of the plan but that feeling is filling me up as well. The red color is emitting from mostly, Noctis. This confused me of why his aura is wild and ready to burst into something ugly. A perfect example is that he was stating a point about the ceasefire being a lie was. However, the plan was to steal the crystal but I have a feeling that wasn't all of the plan. My only mission was to gain the prince's trust and I have. I should've have killed them all by now. I didn't because...I don't know why. Was it because there was a glitch in my program or...Did I make my choice? My database of memories was recalling all the moments with King Regis ever so slowly. Many memories that made me feel something...warm and...longing. These feelings are getting stronger than before.

"Up ahead!" Prompto said as Ignis stopped the car, the road to Insomnia is heavily guarded with foot soldiers and machines

"They set up an inspection point." Gladiolus said, "If the road ahead is blocked, we find a way around."

Ignis turned the car to the left side where a dirt road leads us away the inspection point. We got to the end of the road and we all got out of the car.

"Let's take a detour. There ought to be a decent vantage point up ahead." Ignis said as we starting to up the stairs that lead to the right side of this outpost building, we were closing in on Niefliem soldiers and Gladiolus asked,

"There they are. Wanna take them out?"

"Oh yeah. Those scrapheaps are gonna wish they had the treaty to protect them." Noctis replied as we went into the combat, the boys were fighting the soldiers and I just walked forward. After the third step, my hand took my sword with a tight grip and slashed at the enemy. I returned the sword to the holster and the soldier bleed out. As they fell to the ground, the boys looked at me as I continued to walk forward and they followed suit. With every group of soldiers, we encountered I released my blade on them even though I serve the empire. Right now, I was livid for no reason. With each blow, I did, left dents on the ground and structure for the boys to be awed. As I destroyed the last group of soldiers, I continued to walk and Prompto mumbled,

" not...happy."

"What gave that away?" Gladio said quietly as they continued to follow me

"Remind me not to anger Alice," Ignis added as he took one last glance at the damage I did

"I don't blame her," Noctis said as we reached the point that gave us a clear view of the Crown City, my eyes saw the ever-growing white smoke that clouded Insomnia from our vision and we began to hear the news from Prompto's phone.

"As the ceasefire discussions between the two nations, all provisional terms have been suspended in light of recent developments. Moreover, in the wake of the news of King Regis's death, we've now received word that Crown Prince Noctis and Oracle Lunafreya have also been pronounced dead." The announcer said as Gladiolus commented to keep the news on, Prompto dropped the phone and Noctis shouted,

"Don't bother!"

Ignis helped Prompto get his phone as everyone was trying to call someone from Insomnia but I know it was meaningless. The attack had almost every soldier and machine the city by now. From this point of view, my scanners hacked any functional camera in the city to take a look at the damage and I saw it. Death and blood merge in a disgusting harmony. Many people were shot and getting killed by the soldiers. Some survivors were running but it was pointless. Suddenly, the machine ships flew above us heading to Insomnia and Noctis said,

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