Chapter 25: Ardyn's damn visit

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We were on the road again heading to some weird name port but my scanners were busy with a current problem. The blue Z virus somehow made it to one part of my brain: the function system panel 1. My circuits inside my brain we're going haywire and part of my scanners were seeing mixed colors like the Giver's world. Good news since I can still transfer data and record my target. The bad news is that I will experience the deep dives more without my consent. The authorized dive is looking into people's past life. Medusa had always told me that this ability is mine alone but I...don't think she was telling the whole truth about it. With this ability, I can instantly know what they saw and how they feel. When the dive was going through Noctis, he was remembering a moment in time when things were...simple, I believe. My mind placed barriers around the function system panel 1 for now until I can contact Medusa. The really bad news is that I can't contact Medusa at all or Ardyn for that matter. All my contacts are somehow missing which shouldn't be possible. This isn't good. My thoughts were interrupted when Prompto shouted,

"Hey! I see the sea!" Prompto

"I 'sea' it too." Noctis joked

"That is Gaidin Quay," Ignis commented

"I kinda wanna go for a dip," Gladiolus said as I hummed to his response since I'm expected to act normal but it was hard when the blue Z virus is working its way to my whole brain. Once in a while my fingers would twitch in response if fighting the blue Z.

"Is that a mountain behind it?" Noctis asked

"No, it's an island," Ignis answered

"Nobody goes to the Galdin key for an island, though. They go to kick back and get massages." Prompto said

"Massages? What is that?" I asked in wonder of the word to avoid the small unusual twitching in my fingers right now.

"Remember when I rolled your shoulders that time when you were in pain, Alice? That is a masssage!" Prompto said happily as he recalled that time a 'hot' moment, Noctis turned to glare at Prompto and asked,

"You massaged Alice?!Why was she in pain?!Because of you?!"

"Of course not, dude!! She was fighting Cor again and her shoulders were in pain. I offered her a great massage." Prompto answered

"Prompto, don't go touching her without her consent! Got it?!"

"I don't need you tell me what I can do with Alice! She didn't push me away when I did it so ha!!" Prompto retorted as Gladiolus and Ignis just sighed at the duo's useless argument. I still didn't understand why these boys were arguing about me. Still a mystery to be solved.

"And savor the seafood. It's famously delicious." Ignis interrupted their banter to change the topic

"Sounds great," Noctis said sourly as he looked away from Prompto to pout and so did Prompto

"Something to look forward to," Gladiolus commented

"Excellent. More food for us." I added as my mind is thinking about the food in Eos, Ignis cooking had open the door for me to many delicious meals.

"Kid...You can really eat. Where do you put it all, Alice?" Gladiolus asked in wonder

"I'm curious about that as well. Miss Alice, you seem to eat more than an average person." Ignis added

Shit....I was eating like a pig when I forget that humans eat so little.

"I waste a lot of energy when fighting, of course. Cor takes a lot of energy out of me." I replied of this bucket of lies

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