Chat room with King Regis, Cor and Alice

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Kanily: Heya, everyone! Today's chat is King Regis, Cor and Alice!

King Regis: Hello everyone.

Cor: Hi, I guess.

Alice(aka Death Knight): Why am I here again?

King Regis: Again? Alice, you've been here before?

Alice: Yes, wise beard man. Invisible readers have strange questions.

Cor: I think that is the point with the readers, Alice.

Kanily: Ok, let's get started! Question for Cor from Ed, one of my friends. Ed asks you and Alice fight a lot. Do you guys ever call a truce to anything?

Cor and Alice: Fuck no.

King Regis: You two, watch your language.

Cor: Apologies, your majesty. I just don't see a truce with Alice...makes my skin crawl.

Alice: Me too. Cor and me doing a truce? So weird.

Kanily: Ouch...Sorry, Ed. Maybe in the future, they will. Next question is from hotD5 to King Regis. Why do you let Alice call you wise beard man? Aren't you offended by it? If so or not, why?

King Regis: I find that Alice fascinating that she calls everyone a nickname of their personality or appearance. No, I'm not offended, hotD5. In fact, I'm quite pleased with the nickname Alice has bestowed upon me.

Cor: I still don't like it.

Alice: No asked you're opinion, Immortal.

Cor: Kid, it's Cor.

Alice: Immortal, it's Alice.

Kanily: Moving on! This is a question to Alice from G20Princess; my online buddy. His question: Why do you fight Cor every time you met?

Alice: That is obvious; The Immortal is my rival.

Cor: For Etro's sake, pick someone else; not me.

Alice: What? You scared of me, Immortal?

Cor: As if I'm scared of you, kid. You need to chill after a battle like the boys do. You as bad as Noctis.

Alice: You compared me to vegetable hater? I will kill you!

Cor: I like to see you try that!

King Regis: Goodness, you two. Please behave in the chat room.

Kanily: Next question is from my cousin in Paris, France. Question is for King Regis. Question: Why did you lie to Alice about the punishment in the chapter: Tea and War with Alice?

King Regis: Oh? Did I lie? 

Alice: Wise bread man, doesn't lie!! He is the powerful Wise bread man!! You reader know nothing!!

Cor: Geez, kid. Where does your energy come from?

Kanily: Last question from my brother, Kyle. Question for Cor: Hey man, when are you going to stop being easy on Alice in your fights? I know your holding back.



King Regis: Oh dear...

Alice: Immortal!!! You have been holding back!! You bastard!!! This time I will kill you!!!


(Cor and Alice started to fight)

King Regis: (sigh) Well, there goes your chat room building, Kanily. I'm sorry about them...

Kanily:...Yeah...So, we will end our chatroom for now until the repairs are done. See you all next time!

I hope you all like the chatroom chapter I made. I thought it would be funny and a break from the story. You can give me any questions for certain characters; let me know in the comment box and I will add on the questions to the next chatroom.

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