Chapter 20: The starting line

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"Hahahaha!! Welcome, (y/n)!" The Giver shouted in excitement as we are in his grid world, my eyes wondered around my new surroundings and took in account that he is indeed crazy. Many random items were floating around the space such as a toothbrush, pillows, toys and other things that were random. The thing that got my attention is the color of his grid that is yellow merged with red. The colors are making me uneasy as the Giver spun once in a circle and looked at me with a childish smile.

"To my Grid World! What do you think?" The Giver asked as I just stared at him with no emotion but my heart is making a strange noise. What is this I'm feeling?

"Oh come, (y/n)! Say something cool!"

"...Why did you bring me here, Giver?" I asked as the Giver came closer to me and replied,

"Sigh, I brought you here to see how your virus is doing."

"Remove the virus now, Giver."

"Are you going to make me, (y/n)?" The Giver asked as I charged at him, my left hand threw a punch but the Giver caught my left hand and threw me back. I backflipped into the air and landed on the ground. We charged at each other and began our first battle.

I don't have my sword but I can still fight him...

We started our fight with aggressive blows that damaged the grid around us. Each blow I gave to Giver, he gave one back to me. Each punch and kick are heavy hits with an extra force. During our fight, his fighting style is indeed similar to mine and it made me question about his training. After the 58th punches, we were forced back from each other and I began to breath heavily. My right hand is placed on my heart that seems to be beating faster by each breath I took.

What is this?

"Ah, you feeling your heart already?" The Giver asked as I gave him a glare and he chuckled

"The virus is working faster than I thought."

"You basterd, what have you done to me?" I asked

"I only gave you a second chance, ÁSTRÍÐR." He replied as he began to circle around me, my knees gave out and I fell to the ground. My heart is beating faster where it was getting harder to breath.

"This is it, ÁSTRÍÐR. You have another chance; don't let him down."

"Who.." I couldn't say anymore as my eyes closed into the darkness, my ears heard Noctis's voice and slowly opened my eyes to see my room with the prince. His eyes were on me with worry as he kneeled in front of me and asked,

"Are you ok, Alice?"

"I'm fine, vegetable hater. Why are you here?" I asked as his hand began to play with my (c/h) hair, he sighed and replied,

"Sigh, I knocked on your door and you didn't answer. So, I came in, um, and I saw you were having a nightmare, Alice."


"That's all you got to say, Alice?"

"Ok, you are violating a girl's room, prevert." I said as Noctis was about to say something but held it back and got into my bed. I raised my eyebrow in confusion of what he's doing. We stared at each other for a while and I broke the silence.

"Why are really here, goth?"

"Alice, just go to sleep. I'm...tired.." Noctis said no more as he quickly went to sleep, I stared at him in confusion of why he came and I shrugged it off to sleep as well.

The next day

"Noctis...." a voice whined as my eyes opened quickly to see his friends looking at me and Noctis. I tried to move away but my body is caged with Noctis's arms wrapped around me as if I was his personal pillow. Prompto is crying his eyes out  with jealously, Gladiolus is smirking in amusement and Ignis is just staring as if he didn't expect this to happen.

"Noctis." I casually said as he groan in response, he held me tighter and I sighed.

"I will kiss you again with greens." I whispered as he suddenly shot up in panic, his arms pulled me up along with me and looked around the room quickly for greens. Gladiolus began to laugh and Ignis sighed. Prompto whined and said,

"Noctis, you cheater!"

"What did I do, Prompto?" He groaned in annoyance

"You cheated! I want to hold Alice! Let go of her!" Prompto whined as he pointed out his hold on me, he instantly let go me and his completely red. Prompto and Noctis began to at
argue. My eyes glanced around to see if Giver was around but not. I was relieved. However, it still bother that didn't get any answers from the Giver.
Oh well, in time I hope. 

Now, begins my true mission at last.

Sorry for late update. Personal life and work life don't mix. I hope you like this chapter and ready to carry out your true mission. Please give me feedback on the chapter and vote as well. Thank you!

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