Chapter 26: Diamonds and Virus

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"Aw man, Not a ship in sight. What gives?" Prompto commented as we saw no ship in sight which is odd. Ardyn's words proved to be true for once. We were heading back inside the Mother of Pearl restaurant until a voice spoke up,

"According to my sources, the empire, giving strict orders not to let any vessels leave the docks of Altissia."

My eyes saw a middle-aged man sitting on the bench who had silver hair with grey eyes that held mischievous aura. He wore a black suit with an aqua tie, grey dress shirt with black pants and boots. My scanners alerted me about this man and in two seconds his info came in.

Oh shit...

"Real shame if you were late to your own wedding right, Prince Noctis? Name's Dino, by the way. Pleasure. Oh hey, Alice baby. Still looking hot as ever." Dino commented as he eyes were on me, I feel the four boys' attention is on me and my eyebrow twitched

"I still see you are alive...Silver pervert," I commented as he chuckled at my response

"Still got that fighting spirit in ya, baby. It's one of your beautiful traits." Dino said as I snorted at his words, he looked at Noctis and said,

"The crown prince of Lucis, bounty hunting in his fancy car. Surely you didn't think it'd go unnoticed-at least not by this reporter?" This got the boys' attention for a reporter is annoying but feared.

"Dino, stop being an ass and ignore us," I said firmly but Dino ignored me.

"Lucky for you, this reporter has integrity. If you wanna remain incognito, I'll respect your exchange for a favor." Dino said as Noctis thought about it and asked,

"What do you want?"

"Hey, I knew you'd come around! Lemme see your map." Dino said as Noctis handed him the map, Dino marked a spot and handed back to him.

"Marked where you need to go on your map. All you gotta do is find me some rough gemstones-like this one. Do this and your ship will come in. Don't and the papers will run you outta town. Capisce? " Dino said and then looked at me

"Alice baby, if you help them, I got some new information on that master of yours."

He is still an ass...

"Let's go boys." I quickly said while we left the docks and headed to the Regalia

"He's really got your number, Noct." Prompto commented, "Yours too, Alice."

"I always hated Dino for blackmailing others. Coward." I said

"How do you know him, Alice?" Noctis asked as he voiced sounded a little demanding but mixed with worry

"I meet Dino years back when I need information to find my master. He's well connected just...a pervert." I answered as Gladiolus chuckled at my answer and said,

"Not like we made much effort to keep it secret,"

"Even if we had, the press always finds a way. We needn't befriend him, but we'd best not make him our enemy." Ignis stated as we got into the Regalia and headed to the location. We got to the marked location that is in the middle of nowhere until Ignis pointed out a path to the upper part of the hilltop. We began to walk on the pathway until we found some tiny gemstones that looked similar to the one that Dino had. Noctis commented on the color as I picked up one as well with my scanners identified the materials that could be useful to me and Medusa. I placed it in my pocket as we continued forward and stopped to see a massive bird monster sleeping.

"Oh em god. We're supposed to get near that thing?" Prompto mumbled in fear

"Pipe down before you wake it up." Gladio silencing him as Noctis lead the way around the sleeping creature, my brain notified me of the creature sensing something around it's nesting place and cursed mentally. We made it to the other side of the creature as Noctis got the gemstone that Dino wanted and started back the way we came. My eyes saw a scare on the creature's neck that made me remember this creature immediately. However, the creature awoke suddenly as we almost made it to safety and growled at our presence. Prompto is panicking about the creature as Noctis, Gladiolus and Ignis were ready for an attack. I snapped back to reality as the bird's wings stretched wide, my feet walked towards the creature and the others were yelling for me to come back. The bird looked at me for a minute as if he realized something about me, it lowered it's beak to me and I placed my hand on its beck.

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