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My Princess | Nyx Ulric by LyraUlric
My Princess | Nyx Ulricby Lyra Ulric
A hidden love story between a Princess and a Glaive. There aren't many Nyx Ulric love stories so I thought I would create one.
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A Heart Of Fire (Final Fantasy XV) by xLadyMariax
A Heart Of Fire (Final Fantasy XV)by xLadyMariax
A young child is labeled as an outcast and shunned by her own village, seen as only a threat to everyone in Solis, the Village of the Sun. With no one to care for her, s...
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[KH/FF] Treachery of Fate: Blood and Betrayal by Panda-Gom
[KH/FF] Treachery of Fate: Blood Panda-Gom
[Name] [Surname] became orphaned at age five, and was raised behind the shadows of Japan's mountains. After an unexpected betrayal, she finds herself in a new world, and...
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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse {Book One: Death}(Noctis x Reader) by CelestialShadowWolf
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse { Lost in the Stars
Final Fantasy XV x Reader Book one in the short "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" series Noctis x Reader **Small note: NOCTIS AND LUNA ARE NOT ENGAGED IN THIS...
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Ignited (Noctis x Reader) Final Fantasy XV by Cheddar7
Ignited (Noctis x Reader) Final Cheddar7
Where to love and being loved was deprived from you, abuse and hatred were instilled. No one knew how and why it happened, but it's as if fate has sealed you with the ve...
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Final Fantasy XV One Shots by CelestialShadowWolf
Final Fantasy XV One Shotsby Lost in the Stars
*Book 1 of 2* One shots with Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis. What else is there to say? This will also contain crossovers with Kingdom Hearts and Assassin's Creed...
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~ The Jewel of Lucis | FFXV ~ by andyx3xo
~ The Jewel of Lucis | FFXV ~by Andrea 💜💜
Before losing her entire world, Princess Krysta Laureline is the most treasured member of the Royal Family of Lucis. She lives a full happy life with her father and brot...
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Various Oneshots! [Reader Insert] by Fantasy-Vibes
Various Oneshots! [Reader Insert]by panda :)
Various! Oneshots :p I get really bored and sometimes I get ideas :D So, here's where this book comes in!! :D I don't know honestly where I get the great ideas lol I tha...
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Kingdom Hearts X Reader  by The_Great_Devil_
Kingdom Hearts X Reader by Xorkiss
I do not own Kingdom heart, Square Enix or any of the characters in the game. Nor do I own you. Only yours and the characters actions in the book! Feel free to request...
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Various x reader (sporadic updates) by SheerHeartAttacks
Various x reader (sporadic updates)by Last Train Home
A place for us two to dump our bad fan fiction. character x reader
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Zombie Girl | Final Fantasy + Kingdom Hearts by Black-RoseAlice
Zombie Girl | Final Fantasy + Rikki
Every night it's as if her mind just shuts down, and her killing spree begins. (Y/N) is dead. Undead. However under special circumstances she still holds fractions of he...
  • vincentvalentine
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Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts One Shots by Gay_Senpai
Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts One S E N P A I
Welcome to my book of one shots! As of the start of 2019, this book is now more or less going to be focusing on Kingdom Hearts. My general interest in Final Fantasy has...
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Anime/Video Game Lemons and Oneshots by nekocorn_universe
Anime/Video Game Lemons and Kelsey
I am willing to take requests as suggestions and ideas. I usually try and do whatever requests I can. I will write male,female reader. Including Shota and Yuri. Basica...
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Final Fantasy One-Shot Stories(Requests) by AuthorMisty
Final Fantasy One-Shot Stories( FanFictionFreak16
Random and requested stories. You want a story? Tell me what you want and you'll have it! Only Final Fantasy characters. *I do NOT own the characters, OCs, readers, or p...
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Blind (A Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy Fanfiction) ~Vanitas x Reader~ by xXlivelaughlove
Blind (A Kingdom Hearts/Final Alistair
[Name] is the daughter of a horrible drunken bastard, a.k.a Luxord [Surname]. She suffers from his abuse daily and wants nothing more than to escape from him. But what h...
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Anime & Final Fantasy One-Shots | Various! x Reader ✓ by tsukkki-
Anime & Final Fantasy One-Shots | ★彡 UNI HIATUS
[anime various x reader] ❝ what mankind can imagine is what mankind can make into a reality ❞ // completed + unedited • 2016 // ~ these one-shots are old and really suck...
  • finalfantasy
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His Divine Being (Kadaj X Serena) by RemnantFan
His Divine Being (Kadaj X Serena)by Kadaj_Lover GONE
Just a story I @RemnantFan and @FantasyLightning are collaborating, pairing her OC with Kadaj from Final Fantasy Advent Children, basing it mainly on our Roleplay with s...
  • love
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Final Fantasy XV One-Shots by FFXVsummoner
Final Fantasy XV One-Shotsby 《FFXV Writer》
~In commemoration of the seven day countdown to Final Fantasy XV release~ Final Fantasy XV x Reader only First part written on November 22, 2016
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Ultimate Fanfics (SSB Ultimate One-Shots) by XxWellHereIAmxX
Ultimate Fanfics (SSB Ultimate Fluffly💖
~Enjoy!~ ❗️Y/n will be a girl ❗️No Lemons, Smut, etc. but there may be suggestive themes ❗️No boy x boy or girl x girl ❗️Only 'x Reader' stories Requests are... Closed P...
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A Leaf's Fairy Tale: Chronicles of Drakkenborne by DarkShadowGames451
A Leaf's Fairy Tale: Chronicles Mwenye Usiku
When light it bestowed upon and object, shall a shadow appear. Like opposites, they cannot exist without one another... Thanks to the negligence of of his parents, a you...
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