Chapter 35: The road ahead, beware

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My world became darkness once more as I felt my body falling into the abyss of nothing.

"Hello?" I randomly called out and getting no reply.

Damn...why me?

Suddenly, a splash of colors came into my line of sight then the coloration transformed into a city that looked ancient. My feet landed on the ground of the city as I turned my head to see the architecture looked similar to Niflheim but older and the people began to appear. Out of curiosity, I went to a person but to have that person fall down as shadows consumed this human. Then I went to another person to see the same action happen but then the other people looked at me. Their eyes filled with malice and hate.


"What?" I said as I was confused, they kept repeating the word as if held power and my hand went to my weapon. One problem: I have no weapon and that sucks. My feet started to run away from the crowd but they started to follow me and I cursed under my breath. While running through the unknown streets, my eyes picked up on the people looking at me with the same feelings and joined the crowd that started to run after me.

"Goddamnit!! What did I do to you guys!?" I shouted as my feet stopped at a dead end, the people stopped in front of me and kept saying the word. It started to get on my nerves as I was about to shout again, the sky turned to a yellowish glow and the people began to scream in fear. They started to run away to hide and said a different word 'The Seraph!' As they disappeared, my eyes saw beams of lights that hit the city then exploded.

"Shit!" I said as I started to run away from the beams of lights, my body felt the human getting tired and my eyes were getting heavy by the minute. Suddenly, I stumbled to the ground with sweat coming from my head and turned around to see one of the beams coming at me. Before I could move, I see a figure within the beam of light and that person,

"I will cleanse you're being again, ÁSTRÍÐR!"

"How-" Before I could put a word in, the beam of light blinded me to close my eyes and reopened them again to see the boys with worried expressions.

"Alice! You're awake!!" Prompto shouted in happiness as he hugged me, Gladio and Ignis sighed in relief. Noctis looked at me for a moment as Prompto let me go, Noctis hugged me and I'm surprised.

He never hugs me...right?

"Are you in pain, Miss Alice?" Ignis asked

"No...I saw..." I couldn't finish my sentence because, in all honesty, I don't know what I saw in that dream or vision, whatever you call it. All I know, it creeped me out to a whole another level. Noctis let go of me and cupped my face.

"Listen, Alice, how about we talk about it when we return to Lestallum. I want to know what you saw." Noctis said as I nodded in agreement, my eyes noticed that my body is lying down and gave the boys a look of 'WTF'

"Sorry about that missy, that was me," Gladiolus admitted looking a little smug as if he was proud of it. Basterd.

"You fainted when the spirit Sai went inside you and we were left with no option but to get outside and laid you down," Ignis explained further as Noctis helped me up, we started to head back to Lestallum and the boys talked more what happened after I fainted. Apparently, I was screaming for help for a good fifteen minutes after I calmed down when I woke up. After that, Noctis had some vision about the Meteor and his headaches are getting worse. Ignis believes that his headaches and my spirits are connected in some way. I call bullshit. We finally made it to Lestallum to check in to the hotel where everyone is and they welcomed us. We stayed for a moment as my eyes landed on my ghost lady standing with us and we made eye contact. We didn't move for a minute until she moved outside and started to run. I ran after her to see if I could question her but after ten minutes of chasing her, she disappeared...again. I signed in frustration of not getting any answers and voice called out to me,

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