Bonus Chapter 1: What did you do now, Goth?

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8.6K  of the Noctis and the Knight story!? Wow, you guys make me feel so happy and proud that I type this story! For all the readers out there, here is a bonus chapter that I think you will like. Again, not my pic.


Yes, I said this after a week of the vegetable deal with Noctis. Why would I say that? Here is my reason: the prick lied to me. That's right, lied. The very last day of the deal to end, he pulls a stunt like that? Unacceptable!!! My feet were running in the marble hallways with the scared workers that moved aside for me to catch my target: The prick. Noctis is running for his life from as we continued to run, his friends were behind me and begging for me to stop. Yeah right, I won't until I catch this goth boy! He went to a set of doors as he opened it, he paused as if he stumbled into the wrong room and I took this chance of attack.

"NOCTIS LUIS CAELUM!! PREPARE FOR DEATH!!!" I shouted as I leaped into the air, Noctis looked behind him and it was over. I kicked in the face as his body got lifted into the air, I landed and charged at him again. This time, my right hand punched into the same place and I shouted,


He landed hard on the floor with a bloody nose as my breathing was heavy of running so much and very angry.

"You fucking prick..." I slowly walked to him as he is backing away, he shivered at the sight of me being angry and said,

"Alice...I...I can explain..."

"You no good for nothing fool...You are going to die!!!" I shouted in rage as I got closer to the prince, someone tapped my shoulder and my face turned to see King Regis. Not only that, his whole council is in the room and they looked annoyed. I must've interrupted a meeting that he was in with the council, shit. From the corner of my eyes, Noctis's friends were too much in shock to even move with the council in the room.

"Oh, its you. Hey, wise beard man. What's up?" I asked as the council looked shocked of what I called their king, Ignis face palmed himself as if he saw this coming, Gladiolus and Prompto had their mouths hanging in shock of my words. 

"What a rude young lady! How can you address your king like that?!" One of the council men said

"Shut up robe people. I wasn't talking to you." I replied as they got surprised look of my answer to them, they were about to reply back but I cut them off "If you don't like me talking, then leave. It's bad for old age robe people like you guys."

"Who do you think you-" King Regis raised his hand to silence his councilmen, he looked at me and asked,

"Alice, why does Noctis seem frightened of you?"

"Oh, that? Wait one moment." I said as I grabbed Noctis by the collar of his shirt, I began to shake him violently and said,

"You lying basterd!! How dare you even try a stunt like that!! Are you trying to piss me off, goth?!! Huh, are you?!!! I thought I could trust you! Oh no, I was mistaken to think that you can even handle a single task!!!! YOU STUPID NO GOOD NOTHING VEGETABLE HATER!!!!!" 

"Alice, I think you are scaring Noctis here. Can you tell what he has done?" King Regis asked as my eyes went back to him, I gritted my teeth to even kindly say this to him and replied,

"Noctis Luis Caelum, lied to me, wise beard man."

"He lied to you?"

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