Bonus Chapter: Spending time with the Kinglavies

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Noctis lost another wager against you and wants to ask King Regis something personal about Noctis.

"Alice, stop!" Noctis said as he is trying to stop me, I continued to walk desperate the pain I was feeling earlier but the nano-tech already healed most of my injuries. I continued to walk as Noctis is trying (note: trying to stop me) by grabbing my arm to stop but he got dragged along with me still walking. I'm search of the wise beard man as my eyes come to see Noctis's friends as they looked at the scene in front of them and Prompto questioned,

"Ok, should I ask or not?"

"Ask me later and help me, Prompto!"

"What's wrong now, Noct? Alice win something again from you?" Gladiolus smirked as Ignis chuckled at bit of the comment and Noctis retorted,

"No! I need her to stop walking!"

"Why?" Prompto asked

"She is going to King Regis to ask him something and I don't want her bother him is why!" Noctis said still trying to stop me

"Shut up, vegetable hater. I do what I want." I replied as I continued to walk, Prompto joined in the help but that didn't stop me from walking to find the wise beard man. Both men were having trouble of stopping me so, I dragged them with me and the two other followed us. Gladiolus just laughing at the situation and Ignis sighed until he said,

"Miss Alice, it's not wise for you to bother his majesty right now."

"Why not?" I continued to walk

"Because he is in a meeting and he wanted me to pass a message to you. Something about Earl grey tea and...DDR." I said as he hesitated to say the last word to regret that came out of his mouth, I stopped walking and gave Ignis a look.

"Really? Earl grey tea and DDR?...Nice move, wise beard man." I replied with a smile as all the boys were confused of what just happened.

"So, what's that mean, Alice?" Prompto asked

"None of your business, chatterbox. Wise beard man and I are at war."

"War?" the boys asked getting confused more

"Yes, war. You won't understand." I said

"Miss Alice...I'm afraid I'm more confused at this...whatever this is between you and his majesty." Ignis said as I shrugged my shoulders, Prompto and Noctis let go of me. They were taking a breath of trying to stop me earlier.

"As I stated, you guys won't understand."

"Ok but we're still curious here." Gladiolus said as I said nothing to his half statement and question, three people approached us from the hallway and my eyes identified them as kinglavies. Not just any kinglavies; it is Nyx, Crowe and Libertus in their uniforms as my body sensed their magic was nothing to my power. The boys greeted them with a smile and funny jokes for a while. They introduced me after their greeting.

"So, your Alice, the famous rookie that fought Cor." Nyx said as I gave him a questioning look of the word 'rookie' what is that? What does it mean?

"Rookie?" I replied in a state of confusion

"Yep, that word around here. You really got solid guts going against Cor of all people." Nyx said as he place a hand on my shoulder, my body tensed and I took a step back. For kinglavies, their powers are connected to King Regis and it made me feel...something odd and familiar again. Like it's trying to swallow me whole and overwhelm me with the unknown feeling. What is this feeling? It keeps bugging me, why? As if for a second, I saw something that will happen to Nyx in the future. Did I really see the future? That's not possible; I must ask Medusa about this soon.

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