Chapter 27: Welcome to the War, Alice

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"You again?" I said as I got up from the ground to find myself in the throne room of Insomnia again. Damn this weird place...

"Yes, it's me again. How about you call me 'Hyacinthe' instead of you?" the familiar voice said as my eyes were looking around for the voice but like last time, no one is here.

"Damn it, quit hiding. Show yourself to me." I said in a hard tone as the voice is quiet, then I heard footsteps behind me and my head whipped around quickly to have my eyes widened at the sight. Noctis is standing here with me as confusion ran through my head and decided to scan him. For a moment, nothing happened. My hands went to my eyes to see if I was dreaming about my scanners being down and my other hand landed on my chest to feel a slight sound. 

"Are you aware what is happening to you, (y/n)?" The unknown Noctis spoke as he had the same voice that I kept hearing.

"Why are you dressed as Noctis, Hyacinthe?" I asked furiously as the unknown Noctis chuckled at my question and replied,

"Simple, he is the person you want to see."

"...Come again."

"You want to see Noctis."

"Bullshit, Hyancinthe."

"I speak truth, (y/n)." Hyacinthe said in a angry tone as I remained quiet and she continued

"You want to see Noctis for he is important to you."

"He is only important because he is a target."

"...try and kill me now, Alice." Hyacinthe baited at me as I raised an eyebrow, I took out my sword and swung it at the unknown Noctis. Suddenly, my blade stopped at him as if I hit a wall and I gasped in this action. I tried again and again to swung at the unknown Noctis. No matter how much I swung, my blade wouldn't slice him. My body fell down on the ground as I steadied myself with my hands and knees. I felt liquid on my face that is dripping, some odd ache in my hands that twitch and breathing hard. Something clicked in my head immediately knowing what these symptoms are.

"Am...I human?" I asked looking at the unknown Noctis as he bent down at my level, he place a hand on my head and rubbed my cheek

"Yes, in this grid world. In reality, you are machine but slowing turning human." Hyacinthe answered "This is your blessing and curse from the Astrals."

"Astrals?" I asked as I remembered Ignis telling me about the Astrals, they were the old tales of gods that rule all of Eos and they have some awesome powers.

"You mean the old gods, right? I don't believe the gods, Hyacinthe." 

Suddenly, I felt pain in my head that is getting worse as my body completely fell to the ground, my hands were on my head and my breathing is getting heavier.

"(y/n), I wish you wouldn't anger the gods. You are on thin ice since that day of redemption."

"Ugh, what, ahhh, redemption?" I tried to form a question but the pain is becoming unbearable.

"You will know when it's time. For now, you given one more chance. Fail, you will go back to that hell you came from last time. Help Noctis and you will be.." Before Hyacinthe could finished, I fainted into the darkness where the voices were yelling at me to be dead or to be one of them. My body felt like falling into this eternal world of the dark until a light shined my path and I headed towards it. The light became brighter until I covered my eyes. 

I woke up immediately from my bed as my eyes looked around my room and nothing has changed. My breathing is still hard as I began to calm myself and clasp my hands together. I noticed the ring had changed into a wedding band but red. I shook my head to ignore it for now and got out of bed. I immediately changed into my usual attire as my scanners were still online and I sighed in relief. My grid dangerous now. What can I do now? I decided I need food as I left the room, I went to the lobby and got some light breakfast. After getting the food, I found the boys in the living room of the hotel and decided to join them. However, Ignis wasn't there with them. I wonder why.

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