Chapter 23: Dullhorn Maddness

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Reader's pov

I was in a field of rubble and blood.

My feet were running through the broken swords and spears that scattered through the unknown field of war. My eyes were seeing two dark figures covered in a dark cloud and charging at me. I wanted to move but my body didn't seem to respond as my feet continued to lead the way and my ears hear a loud bell sound throughout the area. The bell continued as the figures came in sight with the darkness cloud fading and it looked to be armored knights that held the insignia of the Lucien family. Again my body reacted on its own by coming at one of them and punching their defenses. We fought as the sky turned into a bloody red, the Knights countered my attacks with punches and kicks. Their only words were 'Regret' as it becomes repetitive and annoying to me. After a 30 minute fight, my body leaped over the armored knights and landed on the ground. My feet began to run as the armored knights followed close behind. My eyes saw the sky is...breaking into pieces with blood spilling and hearing a familiar voice.
"Why (y/n)?"
I tried to reply but my voice say words that were not mine
"You want to be willing? No, I denied all of you!!!"
Then the sky thundered and the ground shook violently. I just into the air to fall with the ground sinking into the darkness and with me falling into the endless abyss. My eyes quickly opened and my body shot up on instinct. I quickly scanned my surroundings as my scanners only picked up the 4 men's life force and the camp equipment. No one else was around the area as I relaxed a bit, a hand touched my shoulder and my head turned to face Ignis.

"Miss Alice, are you alright?" He asked as I nodded in response, his eyes looked into mine and he let go of my shoulder.
"Are you having nightmares?"
"No." I quickly said as he gave me a look of 'I don't believe you', I sighed and said,
"I'm fine, four-eyes. I just..need to stop..dreaming."
"Hm, that is impossible to do, Miss Alice."
"Why?" I asked curiously
"Everyone has dreams; good or bad," Ignis replied as I nodded in response, he then left the tent and I cleared my mind a bit then exited out of the tent. I saw Prompto taking pictures again with the odd device called...a camera, I think? Gladiolus and Noctis were chatting about something. Ignis is making breakfast. I sat down in my chair as Noctis and Gladiolus ended their conversation.

"Morning, Alice," Noctis spoke first as I nodded in response while looking at the sky

"Are you ready for the hunt?"

"Of course, the creature is no challenge to me, goth," I replied as we finished eating breakfast, we started our walk through the open field of the wilderness and my scanners picked up the dullhorn's life signs. I lead the group forward until we found our target that was in a wide open space that will give us an advantage and Noctis started to go to the creature.

"Wait a sec!" Gladiolus said as he quickly stopped Noctis from going any further

"What-Scared, Big guy?" Prompto asked

"You oughta be too; This thing is vicious." He replied

"You sure? He looks tame to me." Prompto said

"Yeah." Noctis commented as I shook my head in disagreeing with these fools that seeing the Dullhorn is dangerous.

"Look out!" Ignis shouted as the Dullhorn charged at Gladiolus, he swings his sword at the Dullhorn's face and fell to the ground. However, the creature got back up as I charged at it and punched its face. With my extra strength, the Dullhorn is pushed back and I said sternly,

"Next time, listen to Tattoo Man, you fucking idiots."

"...heh heh Sorry...Alice.." Prompto said shaking in fear of my eyes glaring at the group, Gladiolus and Ignis nodded. Noctis didn't do anything but stared at me as if I was a different person and I charged in front of my target. The group followed suit as we were attacking the creature with our weapons and my eyes were scanning the whole battle. I learned that the group works together with their unique skill sets to take down their opponent. Since Prompto is a gunman, he would know where to shoot in the most weaken spot, Gladiolus is all about the strength that couldn't rival mine but it does get the job done and Ignis with his calculating gaze know how to plan under pressure. Finally, Noctis is a warrior like Gladiolus but he is all about multi-strikes against his enemies. Thanks to his heritage of wrapping anyway, he can perform this unique skill and it makes him a challenge to even catch. When the battle ended with the Dullhorn finally dead, my eyes were done recording the battle and I stored the information my memory drive to review when we rest. The group took a breath as Noctis phone rang as Prompto commented on a 'ring ring' which was odd and I asked him about it. Prompto laughed as he hugged me and explained that the phone rings like that. Gladiolus got him off of me and put Prompto in a headlock. Ignis sighed at the scene before him and I am confused again. Noctis let us know that the car is ready as we started to walk again through the area.

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