Chapter 21: The car did what?

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For the moment you all have been waiting for! The true adventure starts now; you will get bonus chapters as part of the story that happened when she learned about the chocobros and the people around her life before the adventure. Please enjoy the story. Thank you for patience with me as work has been bad for the past weeks.

"The decreed hour has come."

"Set fourth with my blessing, Prince Noctis." King Regis said as we are in the throne room, it is indeed a grand room with only the few get to set foot in this room. For King Regis sat on his throne on the top of the stairs that lead to the royalty chair and the five of us were standing in the presence of the king. I was standing behind the boys as my eyes saw King Regis's magic is...failing to show itself to me unlike the time when I first meet him. I knew the reason again. His eyes stared at his son who replied,

"Thank you, your Majesty."

"Take your leave and go in the grace of the Gods." King Regis said as Noctis bowed to his father, he gave a look to his father as if he needed more to say but King Regis's eyes remained the same and mumbled,


Noctis walked pasted us as they got confused at his action, they bowed to the King and I waved at him. Drautos who is besides the King glared at my action and I shrugged my shoulders not caring. I entered the elevator with them and we headed to the first floor. As we exited out of the elevator, Prompto broke the silence.

"Well, Princes will be Princes."

"So much for royal protocol." Ignis added

"Not you had to deliver a formal address." Gladiolus said

"Formal address? What is that, food?" I asked as Gladiolus and Prompto snickered at my response

"For Etro's sake Alice, can you not think of food at a time like this?" Ignis asked as I shrugged my shoulders and replied,

"Hey, I was told to meet you guys with wise beard man and I thought were going to have a feast. No, we stood there like a cactuar with no dance moves."

"Again, you don't make any sense..." Ignis sighed

"I thought you taught her stuff, Iggy?" Gladiolus asked

"I did and I don't think the knowledge stayed in her head for long."

"Oh come on, Iggy. She learned the basics and strangely, a lot of puns." Prompto added

"I think that came from you, Prompto." Gladiolus said as my eyes looked at Noctis who continued to walk to the regalia, his aura is...frustrated at his father. Probably because he wanted him to say something or more.

I have learned a great deal over the six months of watching and being with this group. Somehow, I felt my body has become lighter in a way that has never happened before. I always pushed my odd feelings away as if it was a burden. Now, I have let these feelings go inside my mind and without Medusa's approval. This is something new that is continue to grow and...more. Also, I..need to know what I am while I'm on my true mission. For this had bothered my mind during my stay.

"Your Highness!" a voice shouted behind us as we saw King Regis walking to us with his cane but he walked slowly to get down the stairs.

"What now?" Noctis said as my feet rush to King Regis's side, my hands took his hands helped him get down carefully and he said,

"Thank you, Alice."

"No problem, wise beard man." I said as Ignis sighed at the nickname, Prompto and Gladiolus keep quiet.

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