Voting game 2: Prompto x Alice 4th July confession

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"I love New York City!!" Prompto shouted in excitement as we are walking around Timesquare area where everything has a massive billboard of a sale or latest trends. The evening time is stunning and blinding at the same time for me. I never have seen signs like this and the people's auras are...wild.
"Why am I here again, chatterbox?" I asked without looking at him
"Duh! We are here to see the fireworks!" Prompto replied as we stopped for a moment to see some comedy sign, Prompto looked to be very excited and took my hand.

"Come on, let's check this comedy out!!" Prompto dragged me into the theater without hearing my answer, we're listening to this guy who was ranting on about a toilet and everyone is laughing. I'm confused, what is funny about a toilet? He asked for a volunteer as everyone is very anxious to be picked except me for I was confused about what is going on. He picked a volunteer and they did this thing called 'joke'? So confusing. About an hour, we finally left and walked in the Timesquare area again.

"Alice, you have to laugh or smile at some time," Prompto said with a sigh

"I do smile, blondie." I retorted

"No, not like that. I mean deep down in your heart that shows you are truly happy."

"I see...I'm most happy when I'm facing the Immortal and trying to kill him," I said as Prompto just looked at me with a shocked face that turned to fear.

" are really trying to kill him?" Prompto asked

"Yes, he's trying to kill me too, you know. How have you not noticed?"

"It's just my friends and I thought you guys hated each other."

"That is secondary, chatterbox."

"Then the first?"

"The first is killing your opponent with every chance you get," I said grinning in the happiness of the thought me winning against the Marshal. Prompto shook his head in denial of my words and we started to head to the seaports. We got on a ship called the 'Brooklyn' as it started to sail, Prompto dragged me everywhere on the ship and it annoyed me. How much energy does this blondie have? He dragged me outside the ship to see the multiple buildings in the city. Apparently, we had a table save for us and food is automatically served to us. Prompto didn't strike me as someone who would pay for it so that leaves one of his friends. The food served is a five-course meal of fish and streak with many sides. To top off the course is two sweets dishes: tiramisu and chocolate ice creams with many add-ons. Oh well, free food for me! As we started to eat the food, my eyes gazed on the shoreline and mentally sighed. Some were old that remind the people of the good days and modern building with business's names. This was nothing compared to my home that tall buildings as well with businesses open to the public. However, no one dare defy the current ruler. This moment does remind me of the invisible cage I have back home but I happened to like that very same cage. 

"Alice! Look, Look!! The statue of liberty! We have to get a picture!!" Prompto said as he suddenly took my hand, we dashed outside to the wide patio area and Prompto took out his camera. 

"Alice, stand over there so, we can get the statue! Hurry!!" He said in a state of excitement as my feet lead me to the railing of the ship, Prompto snapped the photo and gave me a thumbs up.

"Blondie, how much memory do you have in that camera thingy?" I asked out of curiosity 

"A lot, really. I have more in my bag...My bag!!" He quickly rushed back inside as I followed him, we returned to our table and the bag is no longer there. My eyes saw the panic and dread in his eyes. Moreover, his aura had dampened dramatically over this bag. Why?

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