Chapter 16: Start of the deal part 2

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Not my pic but cool. This is what the grid world that Alice uses time to time.

Three months have passed since that odd day of another world.

That world was like no other. Darkness with no light and it made me...feel something. The first feeling that I felt, Fear. My systems tell me it's an illusion to cloud my judgement but for some reason, my heart...felt...scared. I recorded the time I went to that world and it's confirmed that it was real. I wanted to report this to Medusa but...again, my heart says not to. Why? I so confused...    The another thing is that voice, I clearly was lost of what he or she wanted me to know. Moreover, the voice told me that I will go on a journey and possible love? It's impossible for me to love because I'm a product of destruction. The last thing the voice said was "May the Gods, grace you home once it's done." What did the voice mean by that? The Gods would welcome me home? I have no home or family. So, why would the voice say that unless...I do have family and Medusa hasn't been telling me. No, Medusa wouldn't lie...would she? I will set this problem aside for I have another one to deal with.

 Ignis kept me inside the palace the whole time because Mafia is deadly serious of killing me. Why? I don't know. Since then, the four men kept constant watch over me including Cor who is pissed off about me being marked by the Mafia. Of course, he insults me for being careless and I challenge back to defeat him. Then...well, ok, we fought but...the witch lady stopped us. 

Damn the witch lady. Who am I talking about? A caretaker for taking care of the building what Ignis says. So, this is a problem. I can't contact Medusa or Ardyn through normal channels since I'm being watch 24/7. Finally, I had it.

"Screw this! I'm going." I said to get out of my guest room to the front entrance
"Alice, you can't leave, remember?!" Noctis said as he started to follow me
"Shut up, vegetable hater." I said as I left the living room, my feet lead me to one of the massive hallways and Noctis followed close behind.
Damn it! He's persistent! I need to contact Medusa right now but...this is a issue.
"Alice, where are you going?!"
"Going to talk to Mafia."
"Alice, you have to stay here, remember? Mafia is trying to kill you."
"So what? People get killed all the time. I need to know why Mafia what's me dead." I ended the conversation as I got to the entrance, the guards tried to stop me but I dashed through them and exited out of the citadel. I could hear Noctis yelling me name in the distance as I started to run into the dark and rainy weather of the city. My feet lead me to a empty alleyway that is dark and dirty. It matters little to me as I hid under a large wooden crate, I concreted on my mind and my eyes closed. Reopening the eyes, I am finally in the grid world but this time, the color is a shade of dark navy and the circuits were repeatedly making patterns.
"Ah, my daughter finally contacts me."
I mentally facepalmed myself for seeing Ardyn walking towards me as I got up and my eyes were looking for my other handler.
"(Y/n), what are you looking for?"
"Medusa, where is she?" I asked not looking at Ardyn
"Sadly, Medusa, my beautiful wife, is taking car of the king for he is livid of not hearing from you for a long time."
"I've been gone for 2 months now trying to gain the prince's trust. Also, Medusa will kill you for saying 'wife'." I said
"But she is my wife."

"Uh-huh...." I said in a bored tone

"(Y/n), the least you can do is show some love to your father!"

"You're not my father." I retorted back as Ardyn fake pouted and I sighed

"Are you done with games? I need information on someone." I said

"Oh, what kind of information?" Ardyn asked with interest

"I don't have a name but this guy knows the name that my king calls me, claims that he works for both the empire and mafia. Ring any bells?" I asked as Ardyn is deep in thought, he smirked a little and raised an eyebrow

"As a matter of fact, I know who you are talking about." Ardyn said as he started to walk on the grid path, I followed and we stopped in a different area of the grid. This area has 3 monitors and a hologram keypad. Ardyn typed on the keypad as the monitors began to search the name 'giver'.
What kind a name is that?
Beep! The monitors shown us an exact picture of my intruder and his bio was short.
"This young man is named the 'giver', (y/n)." Ardyn said as a raised an eyebrow and he continued,
"There is no real record of his real name or where he comes from. The giver title was given to him by the Mafia."
"Why, Ardyn? Does he work for the Mafia?"
"That's a excellent question, my dear. He tends to switch sides for some reason. Lately, he has his eyes on the Mafia in Insomnia. Reasons unknown of course. In my opinion, he's looking for something important."
"Who knows, my child. All will be revealed once he makes his move."
"I see. Don't call me 'my child' again."
"You are my child, (y/n)!" Ardyn whined and I sighed.
"If nothing else, I'll be going." I said as I started to walk away

"Are you ok, (y/n)?" Ardyn asked as my feet stopped moving, the words were stuck in my mouth for some reasons as if someone didn't want me to talk and I shook my head 'no'

"Heh, (y/n). Something is bothering you. I can tell, you are my creation and child, after all."

"...Why do I have the name ÁSTRÍÐR?" I asked as I turned my body to face Ardyn who still had the smirked but his smile widened when I asked the question and I raised an eyebrow.

"Do you know something about that name, Ardyn?"

"If I did, I would've told you." Ardyn simply replied as he walked to me, I was about to say something until he continued,

"I can tell you one thing about the name, (y/n). You can't tell Medusa or anyone else.  ÁSTRÍÐR is your birth name after him."

For the first time in my life, I had no answer for that. I am confusion of a birth name until I remembered what Ignis said about birth names and asked,

"Then why do I have (y/n) name if ÁSTRÍÐR is my birth name? What are you hiding, Ardyn?"

"All in good time, (y/n). This is not the time for me to tell you everything but a least, you know the name ÁSTRÍÐR is your real name." Ardyn said as he petted my head, he began to leave me and I said, 

"Who is him?"

"Another time, dear. Trust me, you will see him in the future, very soon. Good luck with the Mafia!" He said as he disappeared within the grid that began to fade, I closed my eyes and opened them to Insomnia again. I sighed not getting much information on the intruder who is the 'Giver' but...I learned one thing about me: ÁSTRÍÐR is my true name. However, it doesn't feel like I own that name. I got up from my space to walk away from the crate but my ears hear a click behind my head and felt a cold metal on my scalp.

"Are you Alice?" the voice asked

"Depends who is asking. Are you with the Mafia?" I asked as the voiced chuckled at my response, I sighed and said,

"Take me to your boss now. I need to talk to him."

"Hm, what a coincidence. My boss wants to talk to you too." The voice said as the person hit the cold metal on my head, my body feel down to the ground and I hear more footsteps coming. Great, must be backup. I felt that they picked up my body and put me into a vehicle. As I hear the engine roar, we were moving and I would wait until we got there. I only hope this will not waste me time, again.

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