Chat room 2: Villians chat room

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Kanily: hello!! Welcome to our second chat room! Please welcome: Alice, Medusa and Ardyn!

Ardyn: Good afternoon to our loyal readers! Allow me to introduce my daughter, (y/n) and my wife, Medusa!!

Kanily: uh Ardyn...

Wham!! (Medusa hit Ardyn with a bat)

Medusa: Ardyn, one more word out of that disgusting mouth and I will wash it with soap.

Ardyn: daughter help me!

Alice: fuck off Ardyn.

Ardyn: wahhhh!! My family!!

Medusa: we are not family!!!

Kanily: uh guys, can we move along? We have some people that would love to ask some questions.

Alice: again, invisible readers?

Medusa: invisible readers?

Alice: yeah, last time I was here, I couldn't see the readers. I still can't see them.

Medusa: Hmmmm. Fascinating, maybe you invisible people are worth experimenting on.

Kanily:....Ok. Medusa, this is a question for you; from hotD5. Why do you inhuman experiments?

Medusa: ha! You ask something so obvious. Experiments are worth the time and money to make a great weapon. Mostly to destroy Insomnia and plus, payback from a certain fool.

Alice: Same as ever.

Ardyn: True but that is what I love about my wife.

Medusa: Ardyn, fuck off.

Ardyn: My love!

Kanily: Next question is from Sam, a friend of mine who recently moved. This question is for Alice. Why don't you like Ardyn as your father figure?


Medusa: Are they fucking serious right now?

Ardyn: My dear daughter answer the question for this friend of mine is asking.

Medusa: You are a pleading piece of shit.

Ardyn: Eh!!!

Alice: Sam, HE is NOT my FATHER!! He is nothing to me except that he create me with Medusa.

Ardyn:...Wahhhhh!!! My daughter hates me!!

Medusa: Ardyn please die.

Kanily: Question for Ardyn from PrincessPeach9 from online. How did you and Medusa meet?

Ardyn: Oh! It was fate that ties us together! I meet my wife during-

Wham! Hit! (Medusa hitting him again with a bat)

Medusa: SHUT UP, FOOL!!! They don't need to know that! Listen up, readers. You will find out how we meet in the story. Continue to read it and don't ask Ardyn.

Alice: I don't know how you meet him, Medusa.

Medusa: Alice, it's better for you not to know. Trust me.

Kanily:...Wow, Medusa. You have a lot of hidden strength. Ah, the next question is from my 2nd brother, Kyle to Alice. What abilities can you do?

Alice: I can kill people with my sword, I'm stronger than 100 men, faster than any airship, I react quicker than humans, I can switch visions such as nano, normal and aura mode and oh, I kill. That is it, Kyle.

Medusa: Don't forget about your grid world. That is my creation, of course. It's mainly a hacking system that can get to anything even with the best firewalls.

Ardyn: Oh yes, I forget about that. It's truly a wonderful weapon.

Medusa & Alice:...Baka.

Kanily: Last question is to both Ardyn and Medusa. Question is from my sister, Anne. Did you two ever have sex at all with Medusa rejecting Ardyn and such?


Ardyn: Oh my! Such a naughty question deserves a naughty answer. Well, we-


Ardyn: My lovely wife! Wait a minute!!

Alice: Ardyn, you should've shut up when you had chances.

(Medusa trying to choke him and Alice cheering on Medusa to kill him.)

Kanily:...Well, it seems that our villains are occupied at the moment. Thank you for joining us, readers. Next time will have special guests! See you later!

Hey everyone, I hope you love the chatrooms so far. Please give me feedback and vote. See ya!!

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