Chapter 11: Battle against the Marshal

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Not my pic but wanted a pic of Cor. He is still a badass.

In the 2nd day of the week, Noctis is eating lettuce from a bowl as my eyes were on him to make sure he didn't hide or throw the food away. He groaned in frustration of eating something tasteless but I could careless. He lost the wager and now, he must get greens for the whole week. We were alone in the dinning room with the whole room being grand as the next room with a tint of gray color on the walls. There were a few elegant patterns that were painted into the wall that made it more calming and with the the big window lighting the morning light. We sat near the end of the marble table that had two plates stacked with the napkins to top it off. The silverware is placed next to the plates and a wine glass near it. He forcibly swallowed the last of the lettuce and let at a sigh of relief.

"I'm done eating, Alice...Can't we...agree on...something..else..than this?" He asked while struggling to breath with eating something he's never gotten used to and I replied,

"Hell no, vegetable hater."

"Dammit,...Alice..." He whined as I raised an eyebrow to challenge him to stop me, he looked at me and felt defeated.

"Thought so, goth." I said as he groaned while burying his face in his hands, the doors opened to reveal King Regis with Cor walking inside the dinning room and took their sits across from us. I greeted Regis with his nickname and Cor sighed as if annoyed that I call the King that. Too bad. The servants placed breakfast in front of us as today's menu is pancakes, bacon, sausage and fruit. One of the servants was about to take the bowl that was fill of vegetable away from Noctis, I held my hand out and shook my head 'no'. The servant looked confused until I tilted my head to Noctis who is still sulking and the servant has a big grin on her face. She bowed and left. King Regis and Cor saw the interaction. They looked at me confused as I started to eat breakfast, I took 7 pancakes, 6 bacons, 5 sausages, and a big bowl of fruit. Everyone at the table is amazed by the amount of food I have and Cor asked,

"Kid...You going to eat all that?"

"Yep. This is good food that deserved to be eaten." I replied as I started to eat, Noctis is reaching for the fruit and I said,

"Touch that fruit and I will extend the vegetable deal for another week."

Noctis physically gulped at the table as his hand froze over the table, he grabbed a plate of pancakes, bacon and sausage. I groaned in defeat as the other men didn't know what's going on and Regis asked,
"Alice, why can't my son eat fruit today?"
Noctis froze before eating as he glared at me, giving me the look of 'don't tell' and I shrugged my shoulders.
"Vegetable hater is on trial."
"Trial, kid?" Cot raised eyebrow and Regis looked at his son as if he did something wrong, Noctis raised his hands in defeat and Regis glanced at me again.
"Yep, he lost the wager and going to eat greens for whole week." I replied as both men looked surprised and Cor asked,
"Why did his highness lost a fight?"
"We didn't fight. We danced." I answered
"Danced?" Regis and Cor said confusion
"Yep, we did dance dance revolution." I said as Noctis's eye is twitching at me for telling them, he was about to say something until Regis said,
"Oh! You mean DDR, right?"

"...So, that's what the gossip is today." Cor said as he started to eat his pancakes and Regis asked


"Yes your majesty, all my recruits were talking about Alice and Noctis about some dance off. Then they told the servants and it became quite the favorite subject." Cor replied as Noctis gave me a angry face of 'I'm going to make you pay' and continue to eat his food in frustration. As if he can beat him, idiot. The rest of time during breakfast was peaceful as it ended soon and Regis had to go back to work. Today, we went to the training room for Noctis's training with Gladiolus. I sat this one out because I wanted to observe there fighting style. For about 3 or 4 hours, they fought well. My eyes recognized their movements and recorded in my brain for my mission. As they continued to train, my mind is reeling in the message I received last night after the wager with Noctis.

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