Bar Night with Alice and the Kinglavies

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This is nonsense.

Absolutely FUCKING nonsense.

Why am I saying this? Well, it started when I was doing a walkthrough around the Citadel with mapping all the cameras in secret until I ran into the Nyx. He for some odd reason, dragged me where Crowe and Libertus were in the training room. After that, they lead me to this place called a bar and getting drinks for me. Great...

"Come Alice, join in! The drinks are great!" Nyx said in encouragement as he took another swing of his beer.

"Why would I, womanizer?" I asked as my brow raised in a questioning matter

"Cause it's worth it!" He replied happily as I sighed at the defeat of not getting a true answer, Crow, and Libertus laughed.

"Alice, have you ever been at a bar and drink alcohol?" Libertus asked as I gave him a look of what do you take me for and he took another gulp from the pint of beer.

"I have been at a bar yes but drinking no, I was young when master started to take me to the bars," I replied to lie again to keep my image. I noted that none of them were wearing their glavie uniforms. Crowe wore a black top with a leather jacket with skinny jeans and sneakers. Nyx wore a navy tee shirt with a necklace around his neck. Black jeans with converse all star shoes. Libertus wore a similar outfit as Nyx but his shirt is white with a black vest. For me, I wore a purple tee shirt with a black skirt, black leggings, and black boots.

"What did your master do?" Crowe asked in curiosity as she took a sip of her red wine

"He took me to a booth and started to make out with women." I blurted out to get this conversation over with but the three glavies began to laugh and fell to the floor. Libertus drop his drink in laughing too hard and asked,

"For real, Alice?! Damn, I need another drink, bartender!"

"Yes, why would I lie, Mr. Moogle?" I said as he murmured something about the nickname, Crowe came to me and hugged me at the side.

"Poor Alice, I bet that was annoying to watch your master make out with women."

"Yes, it was," I said as I took a small drink of this alcohol they brought me, I sighed feeling the effects of the alcohol and Nyx shouted,

"Alice, come on! Jug your drink! Be a man!"

"I'm more of a man than you, womanizer."

"Oh!! Burn man! Burn!!" Libertus said as Nyx flipped him off the comment, Crowe giggled and said,

"Your not a man, Alice! You're a fucking fighting woman that always fights Cor every chance you get!"

"Cheers for the rookie!!" Nyx said happily as he and Crowe jugged their drinks. The bartender handed another pint of beer to Libertus who was still on the ground. I sighed again and asked,

"Why am I here again?"

"Duh, to have fun, Alice! Live a little!" Libertus said as he was trying to get up from the floor but failed. Nyx is laughing at him until Crowe said,

"Bartender! Get my friend the best shot you can make!"

"Why?" I asked in a worrying state as the bartender make the drink in record time, he places the drink in front of me and I stared at the design. It was a small shot glass with a smell of oranges, rum, whiskey and something else I can't detect. Did they bring me here to see me drunk? Dumb asses. I can't get drunk if I wanted to.

"What are you waiting for? Drink, Alice!" Crowe encouraged as the two men started to cheer my name, the people near the bar joined in and I sighed mentally regretting this. My hands took the shot glass and I jugged the drink quickly. As I laid the shot glass back to the table, everyone stopped cheering and I burped loudly. No one spoke but were awe of my actions.

"What?" I broke the ice as everyone started to congratulate me on drinking the shot.

"Alice!! You are a total badass!!" Libertus said as he finally got up, he hugged me and Crowe did the same action.

"Damn girl, you got guts!!"

"Hey!! Hands off you two, I want to hug Alice!" Nyx said as Libertus was about to retort back with a comment, Crowe ordered more drinks for me and I tried to escape this...chaos.

"Bartender, get her the strongest one you got!!" Crowe shouted with excitement.

Damn it...

"Ok Alice, let's see how you can handle your liquor!"

"Crowe...Can we not order all these weird drinks for the first time?"

"Alice, drink!!!" Crowe said as everyone is cheering for both us, I thought of my choices and...I have no choices. After the tenth round of drinking shots, Crowe fell down and the boys yelled in victory. Strange. The night pressed on with everyone getting very drunk and watching me drink. I can handle any drinks and poisons. However, I just wanted to leave this nonsense behind me. My eyes wandered to the drunk faces and people talking about pleasant things. The atmosphere color is golden with people doing the same action to their drinks and the glavies joined in as well. I discovered a new feeling and it's called,


Hope you all like this bonus chapter of the Kinglavies and Alice! Up next is King Regis, Cor and Alice!

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