Chapter 13: Ask him about what?

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I groaned lightly at the pain that is still in my head and mentally cursed Cor for doing damage. Damn him! Damn him! Damn that Immortal!! I'm getting frustrated that I couldn't beat Cor when I can and slammed my head on the table. I'm with Noctis today in the Kinglavies lunch room it seems. I just came inside without knowing and needed to think. Thank Etro for self-healing nanotech. My body is recovering however, it leaves me sore for a while. Noctis has been with me;tending to my bruises after my fight with Cor for the 3rd day of the week.

" ok?" Noctis asked as he placed the second ice pack on my head, his fingers ran through my hair and I replied,

"Fuck no I'm not ok, vegetable hater."

"...I take it you are still mad at Cor?"

"...." I snapped as I stood up with the ice packs felling from my head and shouted,

"Damn that Immortal basterd!!! Next time I see him...I'll..dammit..." I lost my energy so sudden as I fell back on the chair and my body limped on the table. Noctis picked up the ice packs from the floor to only place them on my head again and said,

"Take it easy, Alice. You were facing Cor, he's a tough person."

"I don't give a rat's ass that he is tough, vegetable hater. He should die."

"....If you are going to face Cor again, please rest first." Noctis said as I continued to mumble curses, his friends found us and joined at the table we sat in.

"Miss Alice, what were you thinking going against the Marshal?" Ignis ask as if he is scowling at me like a child

"Sorry four eyes, I needed to see if I could beat him." I replied as Ignis sighed at my respond, Prompto and Gladiolus chuckled at my answer as if it was excepted of me.

"Well, I have to say, missy. You held your ground well against the Marshal. Heck, I have trouble with him being my sparring partner." Gladiolus said

" body feels weird..."

"That's because you fought Cor, missy."

"Silence, tattoo man...groan...." I said as Gladiolus snickered at my response, Noctis began to massage my shoulders and I felt a small relief in my shoulder blades. Prompto is grinning like a fool along with Gladiolus and Ignis stared at us as if not believing what his eyes are seeing.

"What you fools?" I asked
"Alice, how long has Noct been with you?" Prompto asked still grinning
"Since this morning, the vegetable hater says I need rest and I ignored him. However, he has been tending to me throughout the day."
"Damnit...Alice..I hate that nickname..." Noctis mumbled but I ignored him and he continued to massage my shoulders.
"You don't say, missy?" Gladiolus raised a brow, he smirked at Noctis and I feel a shyness energy over Noctis. His aura is making me...feel something? That's impossible! it? It feels strange as his energy mingled with mine, our auras are somehow connecting and I felt hot under our auras connection.
"Noctis tending to your health, Miss Alice? I find this...interesting." Ignis said as his eyes were glaring at him as if he did something wrong
"Yeah, real interesting. What else has he done for you, missy?"
"He keeps changing my bandages when I ask him not to, massages me when I feel tense and gives me bottle of water when I need it." I replied as the three men listened carefully, their grins widened of what I told them and Prompto gaves Noctis a playful nudge. Noctis whacks him on the shoulder to leave him be but fails as Prompto continues his actions and Noctis replies,

"What, Prompto?"

"Nothing, buddy. I'm just surprised you are taking of Alice." Prompto smirking

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