Chapter 17: Start of the deal part 3

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While the mafia goons were driving, I escaped reality again to go to my grid world. I'm sitting in on the ground as I review all the videos aka memories of being in Insomnia, my mind is...hesitating at a moment when Noctis and his friends were...friendly. I don't understand this friendly atmosphere around them. The word 'friendly' is what my creators told me not to think or worry about it. This word made me every so curious of its meaning and what it does. Regularly, I would kill all that stood in my way but...lately, I been having second thoughts.

What if I didn't kill? What would I become if I had no powers? What would happen if...I started to change?

Questions like this would've gotten Medusa mad and my punishment would be to stab myself with a knife two hundred times until I bleed. Luckily, I don't yell in pain but every time the punishment would come. My mind would pound in a major headache as if my body was in pain. This is one of the curious things about me I never understood. I set my punishment memories aside as I reviewed the footage of the Giver, I had many questions with no answers. It didn't make since that the Giver didn't kill me but yet, he is using me to get a book? Why waste his time with me if he knows the King and Cor? I snapped out of my own troubling thoughts as I heard the motor of the car stop and I closed down my grid world. My body is being pulled out of the car as my eyes reopen to reality, the mafia goons dragged me to a Victorian manor that looked to be here for years and we pass through massive doors. As the doors closed on us, my eyes were scanning floor plan in the manor and we entered into a office room. The mafia goons forced me to sit on a chair that is across from the desk and the head of the desk is facing it's back from my scanners. As the mafia goons backed away from me, the chair across me turned to reveal a middle age woman with long red hair with green eyes. She wore a black business suit with her matching circle earrings. Her fiery eyes were on me as if searching for something.

"Who are you?" the lady asks firmly

"Alice. Who are you?" I replied

"I'm a person that knows what you are but don't know why the likes of you are here?"

"Know what I am? What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb, you tin can machine. I seen many models of you."

"Models?" This was new to me. 

This lady has seen me but in a different model? What's that mean?

"...You don't know?"

"Does it look like I know what you are talking about?"

"...Kill her." the lady said to the goons in the room as they fired their guns, I dodged the bullets and got out of my chair. I killed both men as I was about to kill the lady but a familiar face beat me to it. It was the intruder or the Giver as he stabbed the lady five times until he dropped her body on the ground.

"Hello Alice! It's a pleasure to see you again." The Giver said as I ignored him, my feet lead me out of the room and into a hallway that is covered in Victorian style. The Giver followed me out as we walked together, the mafia is trying to kill us and fired their guns. Good luck with that. The Giver and I started to kill all the goons in the mansion. I didn't want to leave mafia alone knowing what I am; it's too dangerous. All the around the manor is covered in red with all the goons dead less than fifteen minutes. We were in the courtyard with plants and flowers covering the area. My eyes stared at the Giver who had a smile again and asked,

"You're fighting style..."

"What of it?" The Giver asked as he looked at me with a smile that turned to a smirk

"It's similar to mine. That shouldn't be possible." I answered as the Giver gave a dark chuckle that sound dry and replied,

"Similar fighting style? Don't make me laugh, ÁSTRÍÐR. We are so not the same in fighting style or what we are."

"Then explain how you have the same power as me?" I asked sternly while getting annoyed

"You sure ask that woman, ÁSTRÍÐR. Isn't she your handler and caretaker?"

"By woman, you mean Medusa?" I said as the Giver snapped his fingers and replied,


I said nothing back to him as my feet started to lead me to the exit, I stopped by hearing a familiar voice that frantically shouted my name.


"Ah, it looks like your knight in shining armor has come to rescue the damsel in distress. How touching!" The Giver said smirking and I glared at him.

Shit, if Noctis sees me then I'm done..

"Alice, how about you play dead? You want to remain a mystery, right?"

I said nothing as I laid on the floor, my eyes closed and the Giver chuckles in amusement of my actions. My ears hear his footsteps nearing me and I shut myself down.

Noctis pov

My friends and I rushed through the mansion hallways. It was covered in blood stains of the mafia members and servants. We got in no problem because there was no guards which made us worry. When we got in, we saw the blood bath inside and I knew something wasn't right. According to Ignis, all the mafia members were killed with a dagger and Alice didn't carry one. That meant one thing: Someone else is here with Alice. I know mafia is bad but why did someone kill the servants? Of course, Prompto is freaking out about the body counts we keep passing while Ignis and Gladiolus were calm about the situation. Damn it, why did Alice think it's a good idea to talk with the mafia? I swear, she doesn't think before she acts. I kicked opened the door that revealed a grand ballroom as we stopped to see Alice in a sleepy position with a familiar face.

"You again?!" I shouted as the person stopped playing with her hair, he smirked at me playfully and I glared back

"Noct, you know this guy?" Prompto asked as the stranger chuckled and answered,

"Oh, how rude of me! You guys can call me the Giver!"

"Wait, you're the Giver?" Ignis asked as his eyes widened in surprised

"Yo Ignis, you know this guy?" Gladiolus asked as Ignis nodded his head and replied,

"The Giver; it's a title that suits him considering what he does on a daily basis."

"What does he do, Iggy?" Noctis asked 

"Oh silly prince boy, I kill people for a living and hobby!" The Giver started to laugh at his own answer while the others just looked at him as if he was crazy.

Something is wrong with this guy...

"Give Alice to me and we'll leave." I said as the Giver stopped laughing, he looked at me with a blank expression then his mouth became a wide smirk

"Give you Alice? But what if I don't want to give her to you?" The Giver asked

"Then I make you." I replied as blue crystallized sparks formed around my hand to reveal my sword, my friends followed suit and the Giver said,

"Very well, prince boy. Let's duke it out like men!!" 

Sorry for the late update of the story. Work has not been easy since I got more of a demand this time around. So, the Giver makes an appearance to the boy band and is ready to fight. Uh-oh... I hope you love the chapter and please give me feedback. I will try to update as soon as possible with my story. Thank you for your support for voting and adding it to your reading lists. Have a awesome week!

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