Chapter 39: My argument with a God

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"Get off my back." Noctis glared at Gladiolus with annoyance and Gladiolus did the same. I am in the background trying to understand what they were talking about. I wanted to say something by my mouth stayed silent.

"Are you a man of royal blood or aren't you?" Gladiolus retorted back

"Of course I am. I couldn't forget about it even if I tried. What about it?" Noctis asked 

"I ain't saying you have forgotten but you got to know something: You're not the only one having a tough time. We'll all on edge. We Amicitia are the king's sworn shields. Guard the kings with our lives-that's the way it's always been. I've embraced my duty and I take pride in it." Gladiolus answered as his words given me a thought, my duty is killing my enemies as the Niflheim tells me. Here I am now; no longer useful to my ally or Medusa. What irony...

"When you can't focus, I can focus for you. It's my job, so let me do it, alright?" Gladiolus added

"Alright," Noctis said calmly as he took Gladiolus's words to heart, I sighed quietly to myself and thought: Children...I'm surrounded by children...

"Sorry, had to get it out. C'mon. Remember, don't rush ahead on your own and that includes you too, Alice." Gladiolus said

"Whatever, tattoo man," I commented as Gladiolus chuckled at my response, my left hand began to twitch in pain and my mouth remained closed to not let any painful noise. I don't want to slow them down but we needed to keep moving.

"Hey Gladio, your dad...I'm grateful to him," Noctis said to Gladiolus as he looked a little surprised but gave a small smile and replied,

"Just doin' his job. Hm? Is that your phone?"

We stopped moving as Noctis answered his phone, my mind began to pick up the conversation between Noctis and Ignis. I realized that it wasn't my mechanical part; a natural ability? 

What the happening to me?

"Ignis?" Noctis answered his phone

"You're safe. Good. Listen, Imperial troops are near." Ignis started to speak but there is so much static and it made me uncomfortable. This much static shouldn't be around this area unless it's the God or the Imperial troops. My vision somehow improves seeing energy. My eyes would see colored auras but now these colors are a rainbow and spiraling around every object.

"Got cut off. But it sounds like we're about to have Imperial company." Noctis said

"About to get hotter in here," Gladiolus stated

"Imperial troops? Boring. Where is a strong opponent? This is starting to piss me off." I said as both boys sighed and we started to move again. Finally, solid ground as we started to fight the Imperial soldiers and machines. 

"Grand Master of Insomnia, you are interfering."

"Great, this dumb Muscle God again?" I mumbled to myself so the boys wouldn't hear me and replied,

"Shut up, Muscle God. You're annoying as hell."

"You're just like her. I see that her legacy still stands to this day. How insufferable."


After we defeated the Imperial troops, we walked to the ledge and our eyes looked up to see the Titan God staring back at us. Noctis was about to say something until he covered his ears as if Titan is doing something to his head.

"What the hell do you want? Quit screwing with my head!" Noctis yelled at Titan as my eyes quickly saw Titan's hand coming at Noctis and my feet ran to him.

"Goth, watch it!!"


Titan punched the ledge as Noctis and I both began to fall. Noctis quickly grabbed my hand and wrapped us to solid ground. 

"You serious? Looks like I have no choice." Noctis said as he dragged me to run, Titan used his foot to smash us but Gladiolus pushed us back before the impact.

"You both ok?" Gladiolus asked as we both got up

"I owe you one," Noctis said 

"You fucking Muscle God!! What the hell was that huh? You haven't answered my question, dumbass!!" I shouted in fury

"You are interfering, Grand Master of Insomnia. Therefore, you will pay a price; just as she did."

"What do you mean price, you fucking-"

"Alice, stop talking and start running!" Noctis shouted at me as the boys and I began to run. As we ran up the trail, Titan used every opportunity to kill us and it pissed me off more. What the heck is this Muscle God saying that I'm interfering? With what, Noctis? I will kill this God once we are safe. Noctis continued to hold my hand as my feet tripped because of the wound and Noctis helped me up. However, Titan's hand was about to crush us as Gladiolus blocked his attack with his sword.

"Move you two! I can't hold this for much longer!"

"Come on, Alice!" Noctis said as wrapped us again to the top plateau, a hard impact hit us both and we hit the ground hard. I groan loudly as the left hand began to feel more pain, Noctis was about to check the wound until his eyes saw Titan's hand coming again. The Titan keep hitting us as the pain for me became...real. It was like stinging needles in my skin until I was dying. Suddenly, Noctis blocked his next attack however, the plateau gave out to both of us and fell to the ground below. 

"I'm not going to take any more of this crap!" Noctis mumbled as I slowly got up, my feet led me to Noctis side and replied,

"I'm getting pissed off at this Muscle God. Let's get him." 

Titan attack again only his attack was to Noctis as his hand came back around and grabbed me.

"Let me go, you Muscle God!!" I shouted as he squeezed me, I screamed in pain with the wound that felt more...agony. My ears heard Noctis calling me as well as the other boys. However, everything began to feel weird.

"Grand Master of Insomnia, for interfering, I will take your strength!!"

"Graaaaahhhhh!!!!!" I shouted in pure pain and for the first time, it feels....good.

*Distance away from the Titan*

"Hahahahahaha!! Wow, she curses at an Astral! An Astral! Hahahaha!!!" The Giver shouted in excitement

"She is just like her; only Alice has more of a fierce demon than her. Man, things are going as planned. It's just the beginning but...I'm very excited to see if Noctis can do it, unlike his father."

Hello everyone! This chapter is getting intense. So, Alice hearing Titan and is taking her strength. Man, I really like how I typed this chapter today. I hope you all with like it as well. Please give me feedback, improving my writing and thinking of writing other books as well. Stay tuned!!

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