Product #0 Stage 3: Start of the feeling

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Location: Training Room 29, Niflheim

Time: 2 years forward from 10 years ago

"For the last time, Ardyn. I'm not marrying you."

"Oh Medusa, you're cold as ice but a lovely flower."

"How the hell am I a flower, Ardyn?"

"Simple, it's your beauty."

"Fuck off, Ardyn."

"Ardyn, go to hell." (Y/N) added as Ardyn gave her a look and replied,

"(y/n), my name is Ardyn but call me papa!"


"Why won't you call me papa?" Ardyn asked (y/n) gave him a disgusted face

"She realizes that you are a failure as a man is why, idiot," Medusa replied as Ardyn forged a mocked hurt in front of them, Medusa took (y/n)'s hand and started the walk down the hallway. It's becoming an annoying routine for Medusa to hear Ardyn's nonsense; let alone his presence. She was about to lose it to this man soon because he didn't take no for an answer. Medusa and (y/n) entered into a training room with some soldiers doing their afternoon practice. When the soldiers saw Medusa, they bowed in respect and waited for her command. She waved them off as the soldiers left the room to her and her eyes went to (y/n). The little girl looked fragile from Medusa's eyes but could see her eyes burning with a fiery passion just like Medusa's.

"Today, product #0, you will learn to kill without fear," Medusa said as (y/n) tilted her head in confusion of her words, Ardyn came into the room and Medusa tossed a dragger to (y/n).

"Remember product #0, don't hesitate."

Again, a little short of Medusa and Arden's life with (Y/N). Thank for reading and comment! Thanks!

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