Chapter 3: About you

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After destroying the magiteks, I was walking with the group and my target. He was not what I was expecting. I thought he would be...taller and more scary. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. We arrived at a camp set on the hill and we settled down after a long fight. My thoughts wandered back to what was said to me before my departure.

Remember (f/n), your new alias is Alice. Your an orphan and don't know much about your past. The only clue you have is your samurai sword. This should interest the young prince and make him take you to the crown city. Then you have 6-8 months to gain the prince's trust and carry out your mission. For the long run, act like an orphan and play with it. Remember not to tell anyone about who you are or what you are. Do you understand, number #1?

I do, my king

"I believe introductions are in order." Ignis said as he was preparing some food

"Yeah! My name is Prompto, beautiful!" Prompto took my hand and shake it with such excitement as if he hit the jackpot. Then the scarred man grabbed him by the collar and headlocked him.

"Sorry about him, missy. My name is Gladiolus, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"My name is Ignis, miss." Ignis glanced at me while still cooking

"My name is Noctis but you call me Noct." Noctis said as he held out his hand, I took it and shake it gently

"My name is Alice, it's a pleasure to meet all of you. Thank you for helping me early." I said as we all sat down in chairs

"No problem! We help any damsel in distress!" Prompto said as Noctis facepalmed himself at his friend's choice of words and Gladiolus just sighed while shaking his head. Ignis will...he bother to look at Prompto. Human interactions is...interesting. This will be challenge for me because I'm used to just killing my targets right away but Iedolas wanted me to gain the Prince's trust first. So, that's what I will do.

"What the hell makes you think I'm weak, blondie?" I blurted out as the group looked at me because of my response to Prompto. Noctis and Gladiolus were laughing. Ignis chuckled a bit while cooking.

"I didn't mean it that way! What I meant to say is that, uh, a beautiful woman like you should be in a,um, city!" Prompto quickly said to regain common ground with me; yeah, like that's going to happen.

"Stop your flattering, blondie. It's not cute or helping you to get on my good side. Next time you flirt with me, I'm cut all your hair off, blondie." I said as Noctis and Gladiolus laughed even harder. Prompto shielded his hair and shouted,

"Not my beautiful hair! Chicks love my hair!!"

"I don't see how they would love you, blondie. You're...a bit of a chatterbox to me."

Prompto had a stoned expression on his face as if he was hurt and went to his friends whining that I'm not a normal girl.

"I like you, missy!...You should cut his hair off; see what he looks like bald." Gladiolus said as he was regaining himself from laughing so much as Noctis.

"Gladio! Don't encourage, Ice Alice!" Prompto whined as I raised an eyebrow

"Ice Alice, blondie?" I replied

"Yeah, you're so cold! I feel from here! Since you gave me a nickname, I give you one too!"


"I don't think our guest likes the nickname, Prompto. Plus, 'Ice Alice'? What is wrong with you, honestly?" Ignis said as he just sighed, he was adding the final touches of the food and Prompto replied,

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