Chapter 5: Hunt-Purple Fang part 2

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I charged at the Purple Fang first by swinging my sword as the Purple Fang blocked my swing with it's tails that felt like steel. Then the Purple Fang's tails pushed me back as Gladiolus swing his sword and Ignis threw his daggers. The rabbit creature dodged both attacks and began a familiar dance. I realized what it was doing then I yelled to the boys,

"Back away from the Purple Fang!! Now!!"

As the boys gave me a questioning look but followed me up to the tree branches and we began to jump the branches.

"Why are we retreating?!" Gladiolus asked as they saw meteors that suddenly were trying to get to us and I replied,

"Does that answer your question, tattoo man?"

"..Yeah. Dammit!"

We continued to jump the branches to get away from the attacks of meteors however one meteor came at us in a second and we all fell to the ground. After the meteor attack, my eyes were locked to the Purple Fang that changed color from purple to pure red. It's eyes were full of rage and thinking of only attacking anything that it sees. I charged at the rabbit creature as my arm swung my sword and its' tails blocked my swing. We began to this blade clashing dance as the boys finally got up and came to aid me. Prompto fired his bullets dead on to its head however the Purple Fang did a dodge roll to avoid the bullet but Gladiolus swung his blade at the rabbit's tails and shouted,

"Take this!"

Gladiolus's swing cut one of the Purple Fang's tails as the creature back away and it's tails were waving back and forth quickly as if in pain. Wait, it's tail is pure steel but tattoo man manage to cut it? Unless...Then it hit me.

"Hey slowpoke boys! I got an idea! Listen up unless you want to die?"

"Must you insult while you fight, Miss Alice?" Ignis asked as he continued to threw his daggers

"Hey, don't egg on Alice, Iggy! If she has a plan, then let's hear her out. It's better than fighting this dangerous little creature!" Prompto shouted as he kept dodging the Purple Fang's tails that were trying to stab him, Noctis was in the same situation as Prompto and he said,

"I agree with Prompto, this fighting is tiring me out because of some ugly little furball."

"Hahaha, the prince is moody because of a little rabbit! Ok missy, what's your plan?" Gladiolus asked as he stood next me, my finger pointed to the tails on the Purple Fang.

"The tails are the keys to winning the fight."

"Huh??" The boys said while giving a confused look

"Some of the tails act as swords while the other tails don't do anything. What's that tell you?" I said as Ignis straightened his glasses and responded,

"Of course, you have good eyes Miss Alice. We need to hit the tails that gave the Purple Fang's boost."

"That's right. Chatterbox blondie, can you fire from a distance so you can distract it?" I asked as Prompto winked at me and replied,

"No problem, angel! I expect a kiss as my reward!"

"How you think about that when we are fighting this little rabbit, Prompto!?" Noctis shouted as Prompto sticked out his tongue, he climbed up to one of the trees and got into a firing position. Noctis sighed and started to come to us to regroup.

"Four eyes, can I you mark the tails we need to hit with your daggers? Do it from a distance." I asked as Prompto fires from his gun, Ignis nods and began to accurately hit the tails that were marked with is daggers. The daggers did not affect the creature but it left a mark that is all we need.

"What about us, Alice?" Noctis as he got near me after the last stab attack

"We hit the mark tails and the Purple Fang will be powerless or give a us a last resort attack. Let's go tattoo man and goth! Time to fight!" I said as we charged at the Purple Fang, we hit the mark tails and the Purple Fang got angrier in the progress. The remaining tails pushed the three of us back and the creature looked a little worn down. However, the Purple Fang roared in frustration as the rabbit surprisingly grew in size of a behemoth.

"What the fuck?!!" Prompto shouted

"It's probably doing it's final attack. Let's take it out now!" Ignis said

"You're right, Let's-Hey! Alice!!" Noctis shouted as I charged at the Purple Fang, it used it last tails to tried to stab me but I jumped into the air and shouted,

"Don't annoy me, you piece of shit." I swung my sword at the neck of the creature and it's head was no more. As I landed, the remains of the Purple Fang fell down and I sheathed my sword. The boys were too awed at what just happened as I walked back to them and asked,


"What do you mean what?! You could've gotten hurt!" Noctis stated as I shrugged at him and replied,

"I didn't and everyone is fine now."

"Damn missy, remind me not to be on your bad side." Gladiolus said as his weapon vanished along with the rest of the group, I placed my sword back in my holster and went to the dead Purple Fang.

"Don't worry, tattoo man. Your not on my bad side." I replied as he laughed at his nickname, Prompto came down from the tree and went to the dead Purple Fang to take pictures? For the love of Etro...

"Hey guys, let's take a picture together of us defeating the Purple Fang and having a hot babe for the trip!" Prompto said as I gave him a confused look of this 'hot babe' word, the boys groaned but joined in for a picture.

"You too, Ice Alice! You need to be in the picture as well!"

"Why me?" I asked in confusion

"Well missy, you did help us so, come on join in." Gladiolus said as Noctis and Ignis nodded in agreement. I went to the group to get in position for the picture. With a snap of the camera, our picture turned I never had my picture taken except when I was processed. This feeling is if I wanted something for the first time.

After taking the pictures, I followed the boys back to camp however, I couldn't help be feel that we were being watched since this morning. I hope it's not someone I don't like but this presence felt...disturbing.

???? pov of view

"Hmmm, she seems to be fairly well with them but she has a long way to go. Hang in there, (y/n). I hope we meet soon,...product #0."

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