Chapter 34: Knowledge of the promise

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Two words: Ice and wind.

I hate those words now because we are in the coldest room ever and my skin can literally feel it. The blue virus Z has worked its way inside me well. Now, I'm positive that I'm fifty percent human and it won't be long until I'm completely human. Dammit...If I could contact Medusa, I would ask for a cure but so far, I haven't gotten a chance to be alone. In the morning, I wanted to stay in bed to at least make a call but Gladiolus's sister, Iris, had other plans. She dragged me shopping with Noctis which I hated by the way. She kept rambling on about the looks that make me a warrior goddess or something. After two hours of shopping, we finally get back to the hotel to be greeted by Talcott and his grandfather. According to Talcott, there is a sword behind the waterfall that is a legend. Before I could say anything, the boys dragged me along and I protested. However, Ignis said there might be a spirit there for me as well. So, here we are in the fucking cold and I'm pissed off.

"Stupid Flan," I said as I used my flame strike attack on all the flans, they melted and I withdrew my blade. I almost blurted out my assassination plan in anger but luckily, I held back and just thought about the stupid monsters.

"You worried about slime, Alice?" Noctis asked sarcastically as Prompto and Gladiolus chuckled

"No, I'm bored. No tough opponents since our last one. The short stack fucker doesn't count." I said as Gladiolus and Prompto laughed at my words.

"Regardless Alice, he was your opponent," Ignis commented

"So, I don't deal with weak opponents!" I said in retorted

"What about us? Are we weak opponents, Alice?" Prompto asked in wondered

"Tattoo-man is a good opponent and warrior. Ignis very well-minded and is a warrior. need one more thing to become a warrior. Goth...totally not a warrior." I answered as Noctis froze for a minute to reel in my words and asked,

"Why am I not a warrior?"

"You're a woman."

"For the love of Astrals, I'm a man!!"

"No, barely. You are now a boy."

"Why...Oh, forget it. I give up! Your mind is so complicated!" Noctis said as his friends were laughing at our banter, we continued to walk forward to the tomb with fewer problems expect for weak monsters. The endless loops and narrow turns made it difficult to navigate through with the ice as the terrain. Finally, we got to the tomb as Noctis unlocked the doors, we went inside and found the weapon. Noctis held out his hand as the bow float in the air and went to Noctis. The crystal shards appeared to show his new weapon and the two others. My head hear the voice in the tomb as I walked to the statue in the back that looked to be the Grand Master and said,

"I'm here." 

The statue lit up in the green and white shades of colors. The colors formed a man in his late thirties with long hair that seemed to go on forever.

"Ah, you're the Grand Master of Insomnia. This is surprising."

"Surprising?" I asked in curiosity

"Yes, you must be at least twenty years old. This is the first time I'm seeing someone this young be the Grand Master."

"Really?" Noctis said in wonder

"Yes, I must admit this is a change."

"Hey, I want to know how to complete the promise. Do you know?" I immediately asked as the spirit sighed and replied,

"Child, you are impatient and you can't complete the promise yet."

"What does that mean, you pasting see-through man?" I said in retort as the boys sighed at my name calling, Noctis walked forward and asked,

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