Chapter 7: Meeting the King

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Not my pic but best picture of King Regis.

To say the least, the trip back was eventful with Prompto and Noctis arguing something pointless; again. I talked with Gladiolus about weapons. Ignis is driving but did chip into our conversation at times. He highly recommended a second weapon for me so, that I have options. Little did he know, I have weapons that are more powerful and dangerous. Reason; my king wanted me to have power so that no one would match me. However, this thought is weighing me down hard. Why do have so much power? I don't understand why my King wanted me to have so power in the first place. Why, indeed. We finally arrived at Insomnia; it was massive in real life. The pictures I was always given couldn't compared to the real deal. The city is...beautiful and I feel something warm and light here. I was always taught to feel nothing for this city but this place...strangely, looks familiar. Suddenly, my eyes saw a ghost-like motorcycle with a female rider dressed in black leather and a claymore sword on her back. Our eyes locked and I felt...fear for the first time. My heart is throbbing with my right hand twitching that wanted to reach my sword and get rid of this...thing. My mind is freaking out somewhat but kept calm while I was in the car. My eyes looked at my companions who were oblivious to the ghost-like figure that is driving across from us. It appears I'm the only that can see her. Why?Unless...Then the ghost-like woman whispered words and disappeared. What the hell?

"Hey Alice, you ok? You look pale." Gladiolus asked as my eyes turned to face him and replied,

"Yeah...I've...never been to...Insomnia. It's stunning."

"Hm, well, you were awake for the whole trip. We told you to get some sleep, missy."

"Indeed. You could faint or sleep at any time now. Take our highness for example." Ignis stated as he pointed out Noctis knocked out, his eyes were closed and quietly mumbled words of some kind.

"Yeah, the prince is a great example, Iggy." Gladiolus said as he chuckled, Prompto scooted closer to me and I asked,

"What, chatterbox?"

"Hold that pose!" Prompto said as I raised an eyebrow, he took a picture of me and his smile widened.

"Ice Alice, you should be a model! You are so hot and can pull any guy including me to be your boyfriend!"

"Why would I want you to be my boyfriend?" I asked not understanding

"I have awesome qualities and plus, I'm in love with you, duh!" Prompto said happily as he leaned in closer to kiss me, I took a blank sheet of paper from my pocket and placed it on his lips. He opened his eyes that looked shocked then went to sad as he saw the paper on his lips.

"Blondie, you need help with your love life." I blurted out as Gladiolus laughed at my comment and Ignis chuckled a bit.

"You lost again, Prompto." Gladiolus said as Prompto whined about wanting a kiss, we passed through the gated entrance and Ignis parked the car in front of a star case covered in a velvet color that lead to the castle. We all got out exempt Noctis who was still sleeping. Ignis was about to do something but I went to him first. I was curious about how he sleeps a lot anyway. I whispered in a low sexy voice that Prompto said was hot to hear in his ear.
"I'm about to give you another mouth session about greens, Noctis."
With that said, his eyes snapped open while tried to get out of the car but fell down to the ground. His friends laughed at his action as he got up and looked at me as if I'm the bad guy.
"What, goth?"
"...nothing." Noctis replied as he averted his gaze from me and face looked red. I followed them to the entrance until the guards pointed their spears at me. Ignis informed them that I am with them and only one guard lowered his weapon.
"Ma'am, we need to you hand over your weapon."
"Why?" I asked in confusion
"Your entering the palace as a guest here. Your weapon will be our armory until you leave."
"I don't trust you. I won't give my sword to you just because you want it, fool." I replied as the second guard got closer with his spear closer to my face and Noctis whispered,
"Alice, you will get your weapon back. Please, trust me and give them your weapon."

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