Product #0 Stage four: First real memory

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Location: Nelfiem, Product #0's room

Time: 4 years from 10 years ago (y/n) is thirteen years old

I finally got done with my kills today. I did a lot better than before because I worked more hours. My body didn't feel anything which to me is strange but didn't care. 

I was in my room which is still white from when I was created. No colors or pictures filled this room for Medusa forbidden me to do anything in the room. I followed the rules but my curiosity of why didn't want me to have colors. My mind is blank from looking up on the ceiling that had the white. It made me think it's empty. Not the room. Me.

I sat up a little to go under my bed to get a small wooden box that no one knows. My fingers opened the box to find a small red petal. At first, I thought it was garbage but something in the back of my mind told me to keep it. I placed the red petal in my small box for as long as I can remember. When my eyes see this red petal, it's ordinary and it doesn't have a function. However, I think it has some, uh, beauty to it. The word beauty was a mystery until he explained it to me.


Speak of the devil.

"(y/n), it's your lovable father here!" Ardyn said as I just gave him a look and replied,

"Ardyn, go to hell."

"My daughter, do not copy her habits!"

"Ardyn, fuck off."

"....My daughter is ruined..." Ardyn did a mock cry as he sat next to me, his eyes were always full of mysterious. There would be playfulness, mischief and...something else. My scanners always sent danger signals to me about Ardyn but...I didn't feel that he was dangerous. Not because he is my creator but...

"Looking at the petal again, I see. Do you love the rose petal?"

"Rose petal?"

"Ah yes, you don't know what that means yet. A rose is a type of flower that has quite the beauty of red. You can even give the flower to people as a sign of affection." Ardyn said as my eyes were on the red petal that is now identified as a rose petal.


"Like how you give roses to Medusa even though she flicks you off and says 'Fuck off, Ardyn'. Is that a good sign for you?" I asked 

"'s a bad sign if the person receiving the roses doesn't return the affection." 

"Ah! Like how you mess up 1,020 times with Medusa when you tried to kiss her, right?"

"...(y/n) my dear, you need to stop counting my losses."

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