Chapter 19: The Entrance to a Mad Man

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Since this morning, the boys and me were discussing what happened in the Mafia mansion. Of course, I told lies to hid the truth which worked but the Marshal looked skeptical at my words as always. It was decided that I no longer venture alone without one of them with me. Great...The Kinglavies investigated the Mafia mansion and what had happened. They found more bodies of the Mafia and concluded that the organization was wiped out completely. For once, they don't think it's me but the Giver. Ignis told me that the Giver has always done something violent but this current murder took it to a new level of insanity. Every Kinglavies were on alert to capture the Giver but to be cautious. Including the Chocobros were warned to do the same as me. After three months have passed, the gang and I were training. Gladiolus and I were sparing in the training room. My hands held a claymore sword with much weight as I swung the metal that clashed with Gladiolus's sword. Prompto and Ignis were watching from the sidelines. After a good hour sword match, we both called it quits. It was weird for Noctis not to be with us but he had to go to a meeting with his father. As the boys were chatting away, my mind wandered to my meeting with Medusa.

flashback: Grid world

"What about my Grid world, Medusa?"
"Don't play innocent, (y/n)! How was that woman in your Grid world?!" For the first time in my life, my eyes were on Medusa who is livid on anger and I unconsciously took a step back near Ardyn. He sensed me being uncomfortable and said,
"Medusa, you know very well that (y/n) doesn't know who that woman is. She is confused as much as you are."
Medusa gave Ardyn a glare
"Come now, dear. (Y/n) has only done what is asked of her. Please calm down, my love." Ardyn said as Medusa began to calm down, she sighed and her eyes traveled to me.
"Forgive me, (y/n). Ignored what I asked you. Ignored the woman as well; she is nothing but a waste of space." Medusa said as I nodded my head, my feet lead me away from my hiding spot and went to Medusa.
"That is alright, Medusa." I replied
"Let's talk about your Grid world. I have been monitoring your systems recently and I came across a virus." Medusa said as I raised an eyebrow in disbelief
"I know, it's hard to believe. But it's true; I checked it myself ten times and even brought Ardyn to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me."
"I'm glad she brought me here; I feel extra special." Ardyn chimed as Medusa and I shivered in disgusted.
"What virus is it?" I asked
"It's called Blue Z. It was a an old virus used to kill the magitecks but at a price; it kills humans as well. The creators stopped making the virus but couldn't keep it locked away."
"How was I infected?" I asked
"Hmmm. It's a good question but my guess is that the Giver gave you some of the Blue Z but luckily it's a small douse." Medusa said
"I wouldn't be so calm about the matter through. This virus has no cure which is tricky." Ardyn added as Medusa nodded in response
"Indeed but I'm creating cure as we speak. In the meantime, don't use the grid world unless you really need it. I have maintaine nanobots inside you already to reconfigure this matter. Understood?"
"Understood, Medusa." I said
"One more matter to clear up, my daughter. Are you close to gaining the prince's trust?"

End of flashback

"Hey there, buddy! Welcome back!" Prompto said as his voice snapped me out of reality, my eyes saw Noctis walking towards us in different attire than his normal outfit. He is wearing a black suit with skull cuff lines as the buttons with the black tie and black dress shoes. I raised an eyebrow and said,

"You look one of those people who sell bad product, goth."

Noctis's friends chuckled at my comment and Noctis snorted.

"Not funny, Alice." Noctis said as he loosened his tie and sighed

"I'm surprised at your actions lately, Noctis." Ignis said

"Why? I just went to a meeting, Specs." Noctis replied

"That's true but you hate meetings and use me to fill in for you. To add on to that, you have been talking to the council." Ignis said as Prompto quickly looked at Noctis in shock and Gladiolus raised an eyebrow.

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