Chapter 9: The bet that decides what?

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Not my pic but a great reference on the feel of this chapter.

In the pass month, I learned lots from the boys; mostly Ignis. I started to learn more about culture and history including the royal lines. Prompto and Gladiolus taught me popular things in the city such as music and shopping. I love the songs of heavy metal because it makes me want to dance; strangely.  I learned that Gladiolus workouts a lot so, I join him and his crazy workout routine. It's easy to me if I could use my full power but I didn't.Shopping was another thing I come to like; not love. Prompto had other plans for me such as wearing dresses or the thing costumes, I think that's what he said and taking pictures of me wearing the outfits. Noctis was against it and Prompto didn't do it. Thank Etro. Today, I am with Ignis who is teaching me about protocols and laws. Noctis was forced to join because it's his lesson as well to become king.

"Noctis, I wish for you to ask questions. You should take Alice's example." Ignis said as Noctis sighed, he looked at me while I am writing notes of the lesson and he replied,
"I'm just bored, Specs. I can learn this later you know. Alice is only here because she has taken a liking to your lectures which I find strange."
"I find it refreshing that someone is listening to me while I teach, your highness."

"Tch..." Noctis ended the conversation as we continued to listen to today's lesson on history and law. After an hour of the lesson, Noctis began to show me the different parts of the castle. I already know the layout of the castle, thanks to Ardyn and Medusa. I pretend to act surprise at the castle as Noctis brought up the topic again. 

"Can you tell me about your master, Alice? You hardly speak about him or her."

Great, going back to a master does not exist topic. Note to self, lying is hard.

"He is a great swordsman that had two weapons. A samurai sword and a pistol." I replied as Noctis raised an eyebrow and continued to press more of the question,
"Really? He must be very strong then."
"He is; he can take down ten behemoths by himself." I said as Noctis was shocked, he stopped walking and stared at me who bluntly answered his question.
"Ten...behemoths, Alice? Your master is insane."
"No he is not." I answered him in slight anger; pretending I am offended. "My master made us fight ten behemoths everyday. That's one of the ways to become strong."
"There are other ways, Alice." Noctis muttered in shock as we entered the training room, there were many recruits listening to Cor and trying to learn a sword technique. We saw Gladiolus on the side; watching the lesson and the session ended. Cor left the room as he glanced at me quickly and left. What the hell is the stiff man's problem? Oh, well. We went to Gladiolus as a few recruiters looked at me with flushed faces and...lustful eyes at me. I ignored them but Noctis gave them a glare to back off and some whispered 'who is the hot chick?' 'Is she the prince's girlfriend?' 'No way, the prince couldn't get a girl like that'

Noctis heard some of the whispers in the room and remained quiet; despite his fist trembled a little in anger. Weirdo.

"Hey you two, done with your lesson with Ignis?" Gladiolus asked

"Yeah, it was long and boring." Noctis replied bored

"It was very informative. I learned that the Kinglavies are a special force under the command of wise beard man." I said as Gladiolus lightly chuckled and Noctis frustrated said,

"Alice, he is not; I repeat; not wise beard man. He is called King Regis or your majesty."

"No he is not. He is called wise beard man, vegetable hater. Besides, he said I call him that." I replied as hearing the whispers got louder about me calling the prince a name that is insulting, Noctis stared at me angrily hearing his nickname and said,

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