Tea and War with Alice

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Not my pic but want to set the mood.

"Wise beard man, I need your wisdom," I said as I busted into the gardens, my eyes see King Regis sitting on one of the chairs with a book in his hands and the table with multiple files. He still looked majestic with his king attire but still didn't understand his confusing aura of helping the enemy. Cor is sitting the opposite side of King Regis and he gives me a look of 'why am I here'. He wore the same attire as I met him the last time. Black jacket with white-grayish shirt, black jeans, and black boots. The weather this afternoon is calm with a nice breeze and adding a beautiful view of the city. It seems that they were enjoying the weather and drinking tea.

"Hello Alice, why do you need my wisdom?" King Regis said as he played along with me, Cor sighed as if this interaction was a normal thing for us and I answered,

"Vegetable hater has yet to accept defeat."

"Oh? Did he lose again in DDR?" King Regis asked eagerly as if he hasn't heard the news of late with his own son.

"No, he lost to me in a game called, um, I believe it was called twister," I said as Cor looked at me shocked, King Regis gave me a look and began to laugh.

"Why were you two playing twister?" Cor asked as he looked like he as going to regret asking

"He said he wanted to play and if he won, he would get his rematch. I won and I wanted him to dress him up as a woman." I said as Regis stopped laughing, both men stared at me as if I was crazy.

"What?" I asked in the confusion of why that was weird

 "Alice...did you dress Noctis to be a woman?" King Regis asked in worry

"I tried but he keeps teleporting away from me when I get near him. So, I need your wisdom, wise beard man. Can you help me capture the vegetable hater?" I asked

"Kid, why are you so eager to dress him as a woman?" Cor asked

"Because he is a woman, Immortal. I'm not kid, it's Alice." I said with a glare to Cor

"My name is Cor, kid. Get it right." I said in a dangerously low tone and replied,

"Fight me and we will see who is a better fighter." I dared him.

"Kid, I ought to-" Cor was about to pull his sword.

"Please you two, no fighting inside. Remember what you both did to the training room?" King Regis said as both of us calmed down, we sat down near the table and I glared at Cor. I remember all too well what happened in the training room yesterday. Cor and I destroyed the training room when we were trying to kill each other and all the glavies left the room in fear of our power. After a good two hours, the witch lady came in and turned us into the King. 


If there was a time I wanted to go home, it was then. King Regis said we had to behave in the Citadel or I would spend time with the Marshal; handcuffed with no weapons. So, Cor and I came to a neutral truce to not kill each other in the Citadel. Still, I want to kill this bastard!!!!

"Besides my son losing another game, has anything else happen to you, Alice? Are you liking your stay in Insomnia?" King Regis asked

"Yep, I enjoy it here. There are strange things in this Citadel." I said

"What sort of strange things, Alice?" King Regis asked in curiosity

"Tattoo Man introduced me to his father, Mr. C and he's a strong warrior! I would love to face him in a death match but I must complete my mission." I said as I regretted saying the word 'mission' leaving my mouth.

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