Chapter 37: My blood and a God

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This morning came with the sun rising and my nerves are still getting to me. We heading out again with me going with Ardyn in his car. The boys were driving theirs. 

"Oh my child, why have you gone so quiet? I find this atmosphere quite depressing." Ardyn said as I snorted in response, my mouth not willing to speak to him and my mind wandered about my spirits last night. They kept me up all night but told me to be brave of my heading. I am very confused today of what is important to our location although something did feel wrong.

"I understand your anger, (y/n). However, I do truly wish to help you and let's start to remove that bracelet. It has a tracker inside in case you weren't aware." Ardyn said with a smile as my hands removed the bracelet but stopped midway remembering my power aura.

"I assure you my dear, your power aura is not what it used to be. So therefore, you are just an average human being with unique powers such as the Prince's bloodline."

"...Why?" I finally spoke 

"If I had to guess, Medusa wanted to know the secrets of the Caelum bloodline and let me say, she had done a very marvelous job. Ah, I do love my wife being brutal in her research more than the chief researcher."

"...Am I part of her research, Ardyn?"

"My my, this is a first. You called me by name; not a nickname. Yes, you are the main research. I'm afraid though that maybe your power is too strong for her and your prince charming." Ardyn said as I gave him a glare, he chuckled at my reaction and continued,

"Oh come now, it's alright to have a crush on the young prince. Ah, young love...It reminds me of Medusa and I."

"You and Medusa? Sickening...." I said as I am curious about how the two people meet.

"So, have you and the prince done what young lovers do?" He asked in a giddy mood

"Done what?" I asked in confusion

"You know, made love?"

"...Fucking parasite! What the hell is wrong with you?! Go to hell, Ardyn!!" I shouted in anger as my face felt something hot and a warm feeling bursting within my stomach. What is this feeling? How do humans deal with emotions?

"Oh my child! You have emotions! This is a grand moment that I shall remember that my young child has grown to a young beautiful woman! I must remember to get your present at our next meeting!" Ardyn overjoyed that I had emotions which confused me since I was once machine...or was I? What does he mean next meeting?

"Ardyn, go to hell and stay there for all I care! You are dirty, sick bastard!!!

We continued our conservation until we got close to the entrance. We stopped our conservation as Ardyn stopped his car near the Imperial entrance, I quickly got out of his car and went to the Regalia. Gladiolus opened his car side door to let me in and I sat in the middle. Finally, in a car that felt normal or close to it.

"We're here!" Ardyn said

"Better not be a setup." Noctis retorted still not liking Ardyn. Good, I don't like the bastard either.

"Have I given you a reason to doubt me?" Ardyn asked

Yes, you parasite!

"You really don't inspire confidence," Prompto answered

"Yeah, not very straightforward," Gladiolus added on

"Hello! It's me! Be so kind as to open up!" Ardyn said as the Imperial door entrance opened, the boys looked surprised but not me. 

"I may not look like much but I do have some influence. Aren't we glad we came together?" 

The fucking parasite needs to die and stop talking!

"Your audience with divinity lies ahead."

"You're leaving?" Prompto asked

"I drop you at the Archaeon's open door and with that, I bid you farewell," Ardyn said as Noctis started to drive forward, my eyes saw Ardyn giving me one last smile and I glared back.

"Hey Alice, you ok?" Prompto asked

"He didn't say or do anything strange to you, Miss Alice?" Ignis asked as well for sounded worried and I replied,

"No, I'm fine. I wanted to kill that fucking Cherry Top and I had a chance."

"Well, you can try next time, kiddo." Gladiolus chuckled as he patted my shoulder and Ignis said,

"I hope we don't meet that one again."

"Whoa! A little harsh there don't you think, Iggy?" Prompto asked with a smile

"No, four eyes is right. I hope we don't meet him again because I will kill him."

After a ten minute drive down, Noctis parked the car near a tree and we got out. We started to go down a path with ruins by the looks of it. About halfway in, my feet suddenly stops as if someone is pulling me away from this area. My head hear the spirits speaking to me as if they are warning me and my eyes saw something that shouldn't be possible. My sight now is seeing the ruins becoming a whole building before the ruins. I rubbed my eyes to see if I was losing my mind again but sadly, it was still there. My feet started to walk two steps forward until I saw the ghost girl again. She is looking at me as if I was...a friend. She started to run in the direction of the building and I did the same. When I turned to the corner, my eyes saw the royal tomb with a statue like the others and the girl turned to face me. 

"It begins with you and your redemption."

"My redemption?" I asked as the vision suddenly changed back to the present, I was standing near the tomb and the statue next to it.

"Alice! You ok?" Noctis called me out as the boys came to me with worried looks, I nodded and said,

"Let's get this power stuff and go. I don't like this area."

"Ok," Noctis said as he held out his hand to the tomb, the blade went to Noctis and his weapons appeared. With a new weapon his hand, we were about to go until the ground shook again in a larger volume. Suddenly, the ground beneath us collapsed as Noctis and I fell into the lower ground level. Noctis is sliding too fast as my hand grabbed the ground and the other quickly took Noctis hand before he fell down further.

"Vegetable hater, pull yourself up!" I shouted in frustration with the situation and the soreness in both my arms. Noctis grabbed the ledge with his free hand and pulled himself up. We let go of our hands as we are on stable ground and took a breath. I stood up to see my left hand bleeding from grabbing the ground so hard. For once, I saw my own blood which is red and warm. I should feel pain but strangely, I felt...happy to see this site. Suddenly, we heard a booming sound from behind us and looked to see the Archaean in the flesh.

"Shit, this is the big Titan four-eyes was telling me?" I randomly blurted out

"Yep, I think we woke him up." Noctis answered as he stood up

"No shit, vegetable hater. This is going to be hell." 

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