Chapter 12: The Fight of power

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We clashed into each other with his sword meeting my fist as he raised a brow in amusement and swung his sword again. In return of the swing, my fist blocked the incoming attack and we began our sword dance. It was blow to blow with my fist not feeling pain because my hands were covered in material that is not meant to been seen but hidden. It also helps that I don't feel pain but I have to pretend; damn. My eyes were recording his movement as our fight began with he just charging wasn't enough; I needed more if I was to have a report for Medusa. As my right hand launched at his face, he blocked it with his sword and I used my left leg to strike again. I was asking for too much because he saw my another attack coming and blocked the kick with his other free arm. We both back away from each other as the recruits were getting nervous if the fight is going to go too far and Noctis has his eyes on me worried that I might get hurt in no time with Cor. Gladiolus is observing me in this fight as if he is enjoying a sparring match and seeing my strength. 

"...Hey kid, take those things off your hands and feet now." Cor said as everyone in the room is confused, I raised a brow at him and replied,

"What are you talking about?"

"Do you take me for a fool? I can see those gadgets on your hands and feet, kid. There won't be another warning: Take the gadgets off." Cor said more sternly as everyone's eyes is on me, I let out a small sigh and began to peel off my fake skin on the hands and feet that I had on me since I meet the boys. My fingers lightly peeled away from my hands that revealed a glove that had small sized pebble that were a gray metal that shined and I did the same action to my feet that had same glove like around my foot. Everyone is very lose of what I had on my hands and feet. Many whispered that it looked funny and suspicious. Noctis and Gladiolus had looked at each other. As if speaking in mind, they were guessing on what those were. I took off the glove gadgets and held them out.

"Are you happy now, Cor the Immortal?"

"Very, now we can stop warming up, kid. Take this seriously."

"...Heh, I will. Be prepared, once I let these go; you got no way to run."

"Wouldn't have it any other way, kid." Cor said as he got into a battle stance, I let go of my glove gadgets and it hit the floor giving the ground a shake. Our audience were shocked that thought it was just hand and foot wear. Noctis is just as shock as everyone else with Gladiolus narrowing his eyes at me. Cor and I charged at each other again but this time, we put more power into our charge. Once on impact, we released a wind shock wave that our audience felt and were pushed back a bit. We continued our dance to see who will get the first blow.

Noctis pov

"Damn...Alice is holding her on against Cor." I said as my eyes were still widened from her hands and foot wear that shook the ground at bit. That must been weights but...that heavy when it looks so small? My eyes were keeping track of Alice's graceful movements that seem to match Cor's attacks. Her movements put me into a daze as if I am in a trance of her beauty and fighting spirit. She seem to fly off the ground the way she lifted her feet to counter his attacks and he would attack quickly after they block. Both opponents were lashing out heavy attacks and seeing who can hit who first. 

"Who've thought Cor would have a willing opponent that would fight him." Gladiolus said as he snapped me out of my thoughts, I nodded in agreement and we both hear a whine from behind us. We looked to see it is Prompto whose mouth is hanging in shock and fear. Ignis standing next to him looking at the fight as if nothing is wrong and asked,

"Do I want to know why Alice is fighting Cor?"

"...Well, it started with a staring contest that turned into insults." Gladiolus replied

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