Chapter 6: The road to Insomnia

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The next day, the boys turned in their hunt and received their reward that was about 90,000,000 gil. They gave me half but didn't want it however Ignis convinced me to take it. While they were packing their stuff, Noctis asked,

"So, Alice, where are you heading next?"
"I'm heading to Insomnia." I replied
"Hey that's where we are heading!" Prompto said exciting as he interrupted Noctis who glared at him that was unnoticed, Gladiolus and Ignis were taking supplies in the regalia.

"Do you need a ride there, Alice?" Noctis asked as he turned his face away from as if he was embarrassed to say the words, Gladiolus and Prompto were snickering at their goth friend. In honesty, I did need a ride to Insomnia because I was undercover and it is my job to gain the Prince's trust. So, another lie has to be told; God how I wish I can carry out my mission by now. Remembering how my king needs his item; I have to play the orphan role. However, my pride is hurting because I'm asking for help; ugh...So, I sighed mentally to just fake my needs and said,

"Sadly, I do. I walked for five days so far to get to my destination."

All the boys stopped what they were doing and looked at me as if I was insane. I raised in eyebrow in confusion. Wasn't that normal? Prompto shook his head to snap out of it and shouted to me,


"...What's the problem?" I asked coolly

"My PROBLEM is that a hot babe like you couldn't do that!!!!"

I felt hurt then irked at the fact that Prompto said I couldn't possibly walk for five days in the middle of nowhere without rest. It's true if you aren't human in a sense like me. His friends just stared at him for saying something stupid.

"Chatterbox, I do rest and eat on my travels."

"But still-"

"I have to agree with Prompto on this one, miss Alice. Walking for five days straight could make you feel exhausted. You should take better care of yourself." Ignis interrupted Prompto as he continued to get more supplies, Gladiolus stretched his head and said,

"Well missy, you more a daredevil if anything. You can fight and walk for five days without a car. I'm impressed."

"What's a daredevil?" I blurted out

"You know, people who do crazy things that isn't possible yet, they do it anyway."

"Hmmm. I see, I will make a mental note of that. Thank you, tattoo man."

"I guess my name for you will forever be tattoo man, missy?"

"You have a lot of tattoos." I stated

"I guess that's one way to put it."

"Hey Alice! I want my reward for going along with your plan for hunting the Purple Fang!" Prompto said in excitement as he went closer to me, Noctis grabbed him by the collar and tugged him back.

"You were serious about that?" Noctis gave Prompto a glare

"Hell yeah, I was serious! You got a hot kiss from a babe; now, I want one from the beautiful Alice!" Prompto replied as he winked at me, Ignis sighed as if this wasn't anything new and Gladiolus is smirking at the scene as if he was waiting for the real show to start. I was only kidding about that but I need to complete my mission by any means possible and this is one way to gain their trust right?

"Ok." I replied as Ignis and Gladiolus just looked at me as if I was crazy. Noctis looked like he was..what's the word...Jealous? Prompto's face lit up in excitement as he leaned in to kiss my lips, I held out my hand that touch his lips and leaned in to his ear,

"Now you kissed me, blondie." With that said, I blew into his ear and his face went immediately red. Then he fainted as if an angel had taken him away and mumbled the words 'sexy blow' or 'hot babe whisper' I was confusion as Gladiolus roared in laughter, Ignis chuckled in amusement and Noctis just stared at me blankly of what happened.

"What, goth? I gave him a kiss, I didn't say if I was going to kiss him for real. The real kiss is for you only." I said as Noctis's face went red and his eyes averted from my gaze while rubbing his neck. Ignis looked at me then to Noctis as if he was searching for something.


"Yep, because you won't eat greens, goth boy."'

"Why do you keep calling me goth?! That doesn't make any sense!" I said to me as if something clicked in his mind and asked,

"Wait! You only kiss me if I don't eat any greens?"

Why is he asking this? He is that dumb? For a target, this is sad even for me if I can feel sadness...

"That's for me to know and you to found out, goth boy."

Gladiolus laughed even harder as Ignis joined in the fun and Prompto got up from the ground while he was taking deep breaths.

"Aw man...I'm...I'm..."

"You're what, dude?" Gladiolus asked as he was trying to regain himself from laughing so hard

"I'm seriously in love with you, Alice!!Give me another blow to the ear or a real kiss!!" Prompto said with glee as he came back to me but Noctis pulled him back away from me...again

"Prompto! What is wrong with you?!" Noctis shouted at him

"Let's go, you guys! We got to head back. You as well, miss Alice."Ignis said as he regain himself from laughing, everyone and me went into the regalia. Ignis is the driver seat, Gladiolus sitting next to him and I was struck with the bickering chatterbox and goth arguing about my kisses or something along those lines. Gladiolus enjoying the show between them seemed to amuse him. Ignis looked at the rear view mirror that reflected me and smiled at the drama in the car. I don't think he smiles that often. Ignis began to drive the car to Insomnia were I will began my true mission.

Hello, fellow readers! Recently, I'm made a few mistakes in my writing. I apologize for that and thank you again for reading my fanfic. More to come.

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