24. In Which the Female Lead Finally Makes her Appearance

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24. In Which the Female Lead Finally Makes her Appearance

Nangong Longwei gave Yu Zhenzhen an apologetic look but stilled when she grabbed his hands. In comparison to his hands, Yu Zhenzhen's hands were a lot smaller and more fair while his were the color of wheat and calloused from the rough use of the sword. And now, due to him clenching in worry, they were a bloody mess.

Yu Zhenzhen sat up, ignoring the pain in her back and used the gauze to wrap it around his hands attentively.

She didn't notice the tender look he was giving her nor how his cold expression was tranquil and gentle. If anyone else had seen the ruthless, cold lord with such an expression, they'd be foaming blood. Nobody, not even those who worked in Nangong Manor, could have pictured such a day. A day where the duke was behaving so pleasant with a woman.

After she finished wrapping the gauze, Nangong Longwei mumbled a quiet thank you. Yu Zhenzhen smiled and then the atmosphere proceeded to turn awkward. Thankfully, a servant bowed and greeted them with news.

"My lord," The servant paused, not sure whether or not he was allowed to say in front of the beautiful lady. When he saw the duke nod his head, he continued, "A lady by the name of Qing Xiaolin is knocking on our Nangong Manor doors..."

Yu Zhenzhen was stunned.

Holy duck nuggets on a popsicle!

Is this the infamous Qing Xiaolin? The 'demon' according to the original Yu Zhenzhen? I'm kinda anxious to meet her. Will she be a green tea bitch*? Coffee bitch*? Black tea bitch*? Milk tea bitch*? What kind of bitch is she going to be? Wait. Why am I repeating female dog so much? Dang it anxieties! Go away! She's just a human being that managed to indirectly kill the original owner of this body and seduced practically every male in this book... nothing to be nervous about... right? In fact, I should be taking pointers on her seducing skills since the original Yu Zhenzhen wants me to seduce the dudes.

Yu Zhenzhen peeked at Nangong Longwei's expression and saw him furrowing his eyebrows.

She suddenly recalled the meeting between the two in the actual novel. While roaming near a small town, Nangong Longwei hears a plea from a woman that seemingly was being harassed.

Being the gentleman he is, scoff, he rushes and saves her. She's so full of gratitude, she offers to be a his servant. Nangong Longwei, at that time never actually having interacted with any females, surprisingly agrees and takes her back riding on his horse with him.

Next thing you know, he witnesses her angelic side and her pure smiles, falling in love with her. Cliché, but she didn't have any other web novels saved on her phone hence continuing on with the story.

Yu Zhenzhen frowned. By this point, she should've already been a servant... Why is she personally knocking on the door? Did something happen whenever she was comatose in the previous two months?

"Who is Qing Xiaolin?" Yu Zhenzhen asked innocently. Though only a question, Nangong Longwei assumed she was jealous and quickly started coaxing her, "Just someone I saved a few weeks ago. Don't worry,"

Yu Zhenzhen was perplexed. Worried? Who's worried?

She walked behind him sneakingly as they made their way to Qing Xiaolin.

As her tiny frame hides behind his tall one, she finally takes a look at the legendary female lead. And wow.

Though her looks weren't outstanding like Yu Zhenzhen, she held an aura of innocence that was hard to miss with her big, twinkling eyes. Her dark hair was tied in a simple braid and held a brittle-like feature. Not as luxurious as Yu Zhenzhen's silk-like locks, but it matched with her angel-like appearance.

No wonder Nangong Longwei fell in love with her. Compared to the angel in front of her, Yu Zhenzhen seemed like a demon fox, an untamable vixen. Yu Zhenzhen felt dejected. Compared to the girl in front of her, how was she supposed to compare?

Yu Zhenzhen seemed to have forgotten that she held the title of number one beauty in practically the entire continent. She was so focused in her thoughts, she failed to see that the other party was eyeing her too.

Qing Xiaolin was shocked. Though the sun was slowing making its way down and it wasn't as bright as before, she could still see the face of the woman in front of her. And the face was gorgeous. So gorgeous she felt like it was hard to breath. She felt a bit of envy, especially when she realized the look the duke was giving the deity-like girl.

Truly, Qing Xiaolin had to shield her eyes from the match made in heaven that stood in front of her. Both born with otherworldly looks, they complimented each other like the famous Yin and Yang.

Qing Xiaolin felt a bit of disappointment. The man she had fallen for already had such a great beauty by his side, what use would it be to try to woo him? Even if she became his concubine, she knew she would most likely never get the look he was giving to the unknown pretty girl.


Green tea bitch- A girl who acts saintly and pure while actually being a calculating person and being a *cough cough* bitch.

Here's a better explanation for the rest of them from www.whatsonweibo.com

"The green tea bitch is one amongst many terms categorizing different 'types' of Chinese women. The 'coffee bitch' (咖啡婊) is often mentioned on Weibo and other social media platforms to describe high-end office ladies who constantly mix English with Chinese, dress according to the latest fashion craze and love to take pictures of themselves in fancy restaurants or on sunny beaches. The 'black tea bitch' (红茶婊) is a promiscuous girl who smokes, drinks, and likes eyeliner and low-cut clothes that show her cleavage. The 'milk tea bitch' (奶茶婊) is the kind of woman who talks in a girlish voice and has extremely sweet looks. She is always kind to everyone around her, but only to attract men who will give her presents that she will kindly accept"

Once again, not my words, but from What's on Weibo

Anyways, this chapter allowed you to get inside Qing Xiaolin's head a bit... not sure how I want to play her out...

Usual malicious girl that vies for vengeance against someone who "stole" her love?

Or someone that actually befriends MC yet tragically betrays her later due to jealousy?

Orrr someone who befriends MC while staying her friend for the rest of their encounter? Meaning that Yu Zhenzhen will probably be antagonistic and get someone to kill her since
1. That was one of the conditions of the original Yu Zhenzhen for the revenge to be complete
And 2. She needs to get back home...

OR just make her gay for Yu Zhenzhen 😂😂😂

Haha the last one might be like a bonus chapter...

Anyways, I'm leaving this entirely up to y'all since I don't want this novel to be cliché, and this novel was written for humor. Your humor, so your choice XD

Anyways, I'm sorry, but no previews since I need to get my butt going and write the next chapter :p

Bye bye for now 👋🏻

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