22. Confessions (I)

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22. Confessions (I)

"Your lordship," A man bowed to Nangong Longwei in respect.

Nangong Longwei didn't acknowledge his greeting and only asked, "Have you discovered where that bastard has kept my wife?"

The man was silent making Nangong Longwei angrily bang his fist on the table, "Useless! I expect her location in the next few hours or heavens forbid what I will do."

The man bowed, unfazed by his lord's behavior. After all, ever since meeting the princess, his highness' cold self had gradually developed a temper that shocked everyone in Nangong Manor.

Though they weren't pleased about the temper, it was still better than him monotonously commanding with a cold voice. Their lord had finally managed to show an emotion.

"Yes my lord," the man said calmly. He swiftly exited and left Nangong Longwei by himself in his study.

Nangong Longwei looked at the portrait of the woman in front of him. In the painting, she smiled at him like like she was the brilliant sun.

In reality, she would always keep a scowl whenever he was near her. But a scowl was better than her dull face and closed eyes. For the past two months, he, for the first time, felt useless.

He had secretly sneaked the most exclusive and best physician in all of Yu, his physician, to check on the princess' condition. The doctor's analyzation told him that there was a problem with her soul, but he couldn't figure out what.

Nangong Longwei scolded him for not healing and took him back. From that moment on, he had personally watched over the princess every night until it became a habit. When the princess' maid found out, she was shocked, but she knew he was only doing it out of concern hence agreeing to keep quiet about it.

When he heard that she had finally woken up, he was exhilarated. He had barely managed to keep himself in control at the morning court from seeking her.

But all this time, a question roamed in his head-why?

Why was he even caring about her and her business? Why did he feel useless whenever she was in a coma? Why does she make him feel a foreign feeling in his chest? These questions, he will personally ask her whenever he takes her back from that bastard. Which bastard? The only one that actually had the guts to take his wife-the foreign prince...


"Zhen Zhen," Natsu Sin called out, but the princess ignored him with a huff and arms closed.

She knew that she was behaving very childish, but who could blame her? She didn't know how long she had been kidnapped, just that everyone that cared for the original Yu Zhenzhen must've been worried. And is still currently worried.

But there was one particular person that Yu Zhenzhen wanted to be worried so she could take revenge for the original Yu Zhenzhen.

"Zhen Zhen-" Natsu Sin got interrupted by a loud bang that caused the wooden door to shatter. Splinters erupted everywhere as a few even managed to scratch Yu Zhenzhen's face.

She flinched in pain and when her eyes met a pair of dark, phoenix eyes, she flinched in shock mixed with fear.

Suddenly, she remembered the conversation she had with the original Yu Zhenzhen. She said he was bordering love? It's seems like it's time to test that theory.

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