4. Snake-Like Friends

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4. Snake-Like Friends

"It's you!" Wang Jinfeng exclaimed in Mandarin as he stared at his best friend, Park Hyungsuk. "What are you doing here?" Park Hyungsuk grinned and moved to the side, revealing someone behind him. Blonde hair and cold, sky blue eyes were exposed looking at Wang Jinfeng in an indifferent manner.

"Helios..." Wang Jinfeng muttered coldly in perfect English, "A pleasure to see you."

Helios Valmonte smiled apathetically and replied in fluent Mandarin, "Same goes to you, my friend. I'm glad the accident didn't take you away from us." He expected for Wang Jinfeng to blubber some nonsense like he usually does, but despite his expectations, he remained calm and cool. Helios Valmonte was confused at his behavior, but he didn't reveal it on his face. Recently, a strange occurrence had happened to him and practically everyone he knew: they were falling asleep for a long period of time. The doctors didn't know the reason, but they realized that once they awoke from their two or three day coma, they would feel refreshed like nothing had happened. Helios Valmonte frowned as he stared at the man in front of him. Subconsciously, he blamed him and his cursed accident because ever since his accident, all sorts of bad luck had befallen on him and others he knew, including Park Hyungsuk.

Meanwhile Wang Jinfeng studied the men in front of him. They both claim to be his friends, but in reality, they only wish to exploit him since he is weak. Was weak. Wang Jinfeng clenched his fists and promised himself to no longer be a coward that people could easily push around and no longer rely on people who pretend to enjoy his company. He didn't understand why he didn't notice their looks before, but now, as though a curtain had been lifted, Wang Jinfeng noticed Helios Valmonte giving him a look of disgust while Park Hyungsuk seemed to be amused.

"Of course a small accident wouldn't hinder me so... I'm stronger than something as simple as this," Wang Jinfeng commented casually, his tone light and pleasant. Despite his easy words, both men understood the meaning behind his words and were astounded. When did their puppet grow a brain?

Helios Valmonte flinched slightly in anger but kept his cool and calmly replied, "That's good then. Just wanted to see how you are doing, that's all."

Park Hyungsuk grinned mischievously and nodded, "My friend, please get well soon! I need my buddy to be up and ready for all those ladies out there!" Wang Jinfeng nodded, but deep in his heart, he suddenly felt revolted at the thought of women. He suddenly felt thankful that he was too cowardly before to take the final step and lose his virginity to a woman. Just the thought of getting near one made him disgusted, nonetheless what his friend was suggesting.

Helios Valmonte noticed Wang Jinfeng deep in thought, pondering over something and yet again, he was shocked. The foolish man from before seemed to have completely flipped and in his place was a man that Helios Valmonte subconsciously recognized as a rival. But even if Helios Valmonte was revolted at the thought of hanging out with such an idiot-turned-clever, he had to endure for the sake of family matters. Even if Helios Valmonte didn't want to admit, Wang Jinfeng and Park Hyungsuk's families were amongst the top families that ruled over Asia. Whether through company business or the mafia business, both families had the power to rival his family, the modern royal family according to the common people.

Though Helios Valmonte scoffed at the stupidity of the commoners, he didn't mind being called a prince even though he clearly didn't have a title. What mattered to him is that he's invincible at the top of the status pyramid. Helios Valmonte narrowed his eyes at the sudden remembrance of his marriage. His parents had been nagging at him for weeks now to get married, but he truly felt no one was worthy enough.

To make manners even worse, they wished for an Asian bride, which disgusted him to no ends knowing their children would be abnormalities unlike any other. If he was to ever have any children, they must be perfection like him. They must be worthy enough to carry on the Valmonte bloodline and the Valmonte name.

For now, that was a fantasy as he hadn't met the perfect woman to birth his children. Speaking of imperfections, Helios Valmonte scowled at the leech living at his home, sucking up to his parents—Kim Moonhae. He clenched his fists when he remembered his parents bringing in the gross animal as a child, claiming she was his sister. How could he, someone with high levels of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), manage to have a defective item as his sister?

He had immediately rejected her and even demanded for his parents to not give her their surname and family name. They were surprise at his behavior, but as their only heir, they had to agree. Helios Valmonte smiled at the remembrance of his so-called sister's tearful eyes when my parents explained to her that she would never truly be part of the family.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Helios Valmonte muttered incoherent words to Park Hyungsuk and bid Wang Jinfeng adieu, "Xavier, I hope you feel better." His tone was full of sincerity, but Wang Jinfeng noticed his cold eyes flashing with dislike, clearing showing that he didn't care.

Instead of confronting him, he nodded in mock appreciation, "Thank you, Helios. I will see you later." Helios Valmonte didn't bother to insist to stay any longer, quickly dismissing himself and Park Hyungsuk.

Once they left, Wang Jinfeng clenched his fists in fury. To think that they were clearly mocking him infuriated him to no ends! How did his previous self manage to befriend such snakes? Snakes that taunted him but knew he wouldn't be able to strike back.

No more. Those two words echoed in his mind like a maniacal mantra as he promised himself, no more.

He, Wang Jinfeng, starting from this moment onwards, was going to change. Change in a way that would shatter all their expectations, including his so-called father who thought of him as a disgrace. And in the end, Wang Jinfeng smiled darkly, I will be the winner...


Just a chapter to introduce you to some characters. Remember, characters that are reincarnated into this world are basically merging into the person they're occupying the body of. So basically, their personality will be a combination of two souls, but the original soul wouldn't know of the intruder.

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