50. "I'm Sorry..."

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50. "I'm Sorry..."

"Qing Xiaolin!"

OYZZ narrowed her eyes to spots and made a fighting stance, much to Yu Zhenzhen's dismay. Yu Zhenzhen looked at Qing Xiaolin and frowned. Her usual innocent, angelic features were twisted into malice and anger. She didn't hold the aura of naïvety, but she held a diabolical aura. Yu Zhenzhen gulped silently and hoped that OYZZ hadn't been right all along about Qing Xiaolin's personally.

"What are you doing here?" Yu Zhenzhen asked in caution, making sure her words were not too loud or too quiet.

"Haha, I just overheard a paranormal conversation between host and ghost. And it seems that you're a fraud...?" Qing Xiaolin widened her eyes and pretended to ponder, "My, imagine if all your so-called precious people knew you are a fake!"

Yu Zhenzhen began to shudder in fear and averted her gaze so that Qing Xiaolin didn't see the few stray tears that had escaped her eyes. She didn't want to even picture what will happen if everyone knew she wasn't Yu Zhenzhen. Not only will she be executed, but she'll lose all their love.

Yu Zhenzhen scoffed at her stupidity. When had she accepted these 2D people as important people? Obviously, they had creeped elusively in her heart to the point she can't stand their deaths nor for them to find out. She had figured that she would probably be heartbroken if they gave her the look of disgust and hatred.

"You... what do you want?" Yu Zhenzhen sighed in surrender. Qing Xiaolin noticed her easy submission and snarled, "You... why do you easily give in? Why do you have to be so nice? Can't you fight back? You're not making this game very fun, Zheng Mimi."

Yu Zhenzhen gave her a helpless look and Qing Xiaolin clenched her fists, "Even when we were in school together... you were always so nice yet strong. I hated you then, I hate you now!"

Yu Zhenzhen widened her eyes in shock at the admittance. She had known Qing Xiaolin in school? But she didn't remember anyone with the name of Qing Xiaolin, nonetheless someone with such an angelic yet devilish appearance! "Do we... know each other?" She muttered softly, which caused Qing Xiaolin's dark eyes to become even darker.

She burst into hysterical laughter, "No, we don't. Why would Little Miss Optimist care about anyone but herself?" Something in Yu Zhenzhen's heart stirred. She remembered someone in elementary school saying she was too optimistic... who was it? Dang it brain, work for once in my life! Be useful!

"Q-Qing..." Yu Zhenzhen's sentence faltered until she blurted, "Qinglin!?"

Qing Xiaolin mockingly smiled, like she hadn't expected for Yu Zhenzhen to recognize her, "Little Miss Optimistic isn't as brainless as I assumed!"

Yu Zhenzhen ignored her taunting and asked, "Zhou Qinglin... what are you doing? Why are you doing this? All these lifetimes..." her sentence faltered as she pointed to OYZZ's ghost, who had been shocked silent at the revelation of them knowing each other, "You ruined her life... I don't understand you. You used to be so positive, even more optimistic than me!"

Qing Xiaolin clenched her fists, "Only in front of you! Everyone else thought I was a gloomy freak. A freak undeserving of anything, of your friendship!"

Yu Zhenzhen sighed as she stared at the livid face of her former elementary friend. No longer could she see the same smiling girl, but a wicked demon with a heart of sin. Her eyes no longer glimmered in the purity of a elementary child, but burned with a unholy fire of evil.

Yu Zhenzhen pursed her lips to prevent her from crying out, what happened to you!?

As though Qing Xiaolin felt her pity, she growled and started to form a black, misty orb in her hands. Ignoring Yu Zhenzhen's flabbergasted look and OYZZ's panic, the orb grew bigger and bigger until it began to pull something from someone. That someone being OYZZ!

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