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After Rebirth, I Became A Powerful Minister's Beloved   by Risanexousia
After Rebirth, I Became A 🥀佐保姫🥀
Nan Baoyi grew up spoiled and in a life of luxury but she did not expect to marry the wrong person and ended up with the destruction of her family. This time when she w...
God's Beautiful Mistake by shalha03
God's Beautiful Mistakeby shalha03
FEMALE CHARACTER IS INNOCENT AND CHILDISH!! READ THE TAGS!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! "Tell me something Azron." Lucifer said as he walked closer to the dangerous...
Colors ✔ by Cassie_James
Colors ✔by Cassandra
Ace's life is a shade of grey. Depressing, upsetting, painful and what not. Until Venus shows up and paints it colorful. Quite literally. [ #7 in teenfiction (16.10.2020...
Plum {SUITS #1} by DewDropsOnGrass
Plum {SUITS #1}by Veronica
[Sample only, check inside to know how to avail] Arsenio knew he was in trouble when he married Plum Park. She was adorable, sweet and oh so pure. And the way she called...
Evie, Darling by lun4li
Evie, Darlingby luna
Alvaro Dominguez. Business tycoon. Known yet feared by all, loved by none. Genevieve Cortes. The town's innocent beauty. Adored by all around her. Genevieve Cortes sudde...
Dalaric by ARKHNN
Dalaricby 𝐀𝗷.
Dalaric "Ricky" Mikael was known for two things ; being the country's best assassin and being a silent brute. His demons enveloped him in darkness and he saw...
Darkest of Webs by Wxnterwxlf
Darkest of Websby Wxnterwxlf
One look was all it took and I felt my heart beat for the first time in forever. She captured me with her soft green eyes, her long brown hair, which I ache to run my fi...
A Brother Or Not by chill_pill_all_day
A Brother Or Notby Daddy Issues
Cherry's brother can't stand her. No matter how sweet and caring she is towards him, he resents her. Because he knows something she doesn't even have clue about. What ha...
Naive||Completed|| by Storyismything
Naive||Completed||by Softie
Aurora the naive and shy type. Always plastering a smile on your face and very sneaky, yet cute. She's loved my everyone... Well, not all and likes giving hugs to everyo...
Daisy by bonezzzzzz
Daisyby <3
He continues to stare as the young girl hums quietly, while keeping her eyes locked on the book in her hands. At the sound of his footsteps, she suddenly stops reading o...
Married to play by sakhiwrites
Married to playby sakhiwrites
"Umm...ji...." She shuttered. He looked up at his beauty, she was too naive for this cruel world.He just wanted to hide her in arms and never let her go.But, s...
Heated  by DisrespectfulDoris4
Heated by 𝐷𝑂𝑅𝐼𝑆
Nerida Spade lived a blissfully naive life. Locked in a tiny NY apartment for her entire life, all she knew about the outside world came from television. Nothing could'...
Green is the warmest colour by Samar_J
Green is the warmest colourby Samar_J
Anna is young, naive and ambitious but her life changes when she meets the mysterious and the "baddest" boy in her new school, who has a lot more to him than m...
Vexation  by writersblock728
Vexation by writersblock728
"he was always angry, a rage that could conquer the grounds to puty , there was no remedy for it ; except the soothing of her hold." S Y N O P S I S Vincent wa...
Mafias girl by Tiffanysroses
Mafias girlby Tiffany💓
What happens when, sweet, innocent, kind, abused, Elle Rose stumbles into the mansion of Rafael Knight, number one most feared Mafia leader in the world? Kind Sweet In...
Her Road To Go by _Alyrius_
Her Road To Goby 𝓐𝓳𝓳𝓳
She live her life the fullest as she is love by everyone in her home, where everyone supports and cheer for her. Some things also somewhat makes her feel empty and a fee...
Reincarnated: Spell's Harem by YandereEricka
Reincarnated: Spell's Haremby ꧁☬𝐄𝐫𝐢𝐤𝐚☬꧂
Spell gets reincarnated, not in an otome game nor a novel but a fantasy world where magic exists. Of course, being an elite assassin her prevous life, she uses her skill...
His Unworldly Desire  by Biebs_32
His Unworldly Desire by Bdel Castro
Pretty much another older man and younger woman story. Read to find out or whatever it is you're about to do. I suck at writing description . Warning! Rated as MATURE (...
Alpha by 0HannahGrace0
Alphaby Hannah D
"Who are you?" She demanded, proud that she had managed to sound so assertive. But, that didn't last for long. Suddenly, Annabelle was yanked into the shadows...