47. A Wedding of Eternal Heartbreak

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47. A Wedding of Eternal Heartbreak

When Yu Zhenzhen woke up again, she realized she was back in the palace. She sighed at the dream come true-slash-nightmare of meeting him. Although she was back in the palace, she couldn't help but narrow her eyes in suspicion and she looked around. She blinked in shock when she realized she was in her mother's room, and she couldn't find any servants.

Yu Zhenzhen tried to get up, but quickly cringed as pain erupted throughout her entire body. Ignoring the pain, she staggered and slowly opened the door. Peeking outside, she noticed absolute silence and an abundance of red Chinese lanterns and other red accessories decorating the palace.

Who's getting married?

Yu Zhenzhen nimbly walked in the direction of her father's throne room, surprised to find it devoid of any eunuchs standing guard on each side of the golden door. She pushed it open and noticed it empty, her father no where in sight.

By this point, Yu Zhenzhen was starting to actually panic and wanted to wake up from the nightmare she was experiencing. She ran outside and wherever she ran by, the glittering red decorations blinded her. Finally, standing in front of the palace, Yu Zhenzhen looked up at the bright sky in relief, but screamed in horror when she saw her reflection in the royal pond.

She was wearing a traditional Chinese wedding dress that was sewed with what seemed like real gold as thread, creating a vivid three dimensional effect of flowers and swirls. Her golden trinkets and jewelry occupied the top of her head and a ruby-slash-gold crown was dead set in the middle. Yu Zhenzhen was baffled at the image and immediately reached to take them off, but a familiar voice stopped her. "Zhen Zhen, what are you doing?"

Yu Zhenzhen slowly turned around and stared in the eyes of Nangong Longwei, wearing a golden crown that symbolized one thing-him as an emperor. She gaped in shock at the realization, and managed to give him the ugliest look she could conjure. This time, instead of thinking it was cute, Nangong Longwei felt that the girl was genuinely angry at him. He smiled gently at her and said, "Today is the day of our matrimony!" Yu Zhenzhen gasped in shock and tears rolled down her cheeks, "No! No this doesn't count! No! No! Please tell me this is a nightmare and you didn't force me to marry you while I was unconscious! My parents-"

Nangong Longwei reached for her slim wrist and pulled her closer to him, appearing to comfort. He interrupted, "Though it was difficult to have you complete the wedding rituals, we still managed. You are now the new empress of the Nangong empire..."

Yu Zhenzhen harshly pushed him away and began sobbing. She didn't care that her make up was being ruined, she just despised the man in front of her. How could he do such an inhuman thing? "Where are my parents! Tell me, where are my parents you fool! You-" before she could react, Yu Zhenzhen felt a foreign presence on her lips and her words quickly became muffled by Nangong Longwei's kiss. She resisted and tried to push the much larger man away, but he was stronger than her small frame. Since she couldn't get him off of her, Yu Zhenzhen bit his lips as hard as she could, causing him to stumble back in shock. "Zhen Zhen, what are you doing!?"

"You bastard! Answer my question, where are my parents!" Yu Zhenzhen screamed, shielding herself with her arms wrapped around her head. The former princess, now empress, was crying so hard she failed to realize she was shaking. Not just from shock, but from fear.

Nangong Longwei narrowed his phoenix eyes into slits but remained quiet for a few seconds. Then he muttered, "They're all dead except for Yu Lijie,"

When she heard those words, Yu Zhenzhen's vision began to get blurry, but the man grabbed her left wrist tightly, almost breaking the bone. She yelped in pain, but he continued to grip tightly. His other hand grabbed her chin and forced her to look at his furious eyes, "Everyone except for your brother is dead. If you don't want your brother to experience the same ending, I remember for you to behave. Let us enjoy our new life together... We have finally achieved happiness after so long! Look," he pointed to a realistic painting of Yu Zhenzhen and Nangong Longwei in their wedding attire standing in front of the large peach blossom tree beside the pond, "that's us! Aren't you happy?"

Yu Zhenzhen slowly blinked as he let go of her wrist. She headed in the direction of the painting with dull eyes and an apathetic expression. When she reached it, she slowly picked it and examined it with dead eyes. She turned to Nangong Longwei and asked, "Close your eyes please." Although he was suspicious, Nangong Longwei still did what she asked since he knew she had no weapon or anything to hurt him or herself. Yu Zhenzhen sighed silently and pulled a sharp pin from her hair and slit her wrist quietly.

Using her blood, she made sure to ruin the painting since she was dying, anyways. She didn't want for the man in front of her to think he had won in every aspect... she was going to hope that in the next lifetime-if she had one since OYZZ warned her-she would be able to fall in love with a man that didn't bring destruction to the place she had grown to love as her second home nor kill the kind
people she began to adore in her heart.

With a deep breath, Yu Zhenzhen raised the hairpin and embedded it deeply in her heart. By this point, Nangong Longwei slowly opened his eyes only to see Yu Zhenzhen commit suicide. He gasped in horror and rapidly dashed to her side, but Yu Zhenzhen only coughed up blood and fell in his arms. "Never again..." she whispered, "never again will I fall in love with you..." with those final words, she closed her eyes for an eternal slumber.

The end.


In case you're wondering, this is the painting:

This is the original, I think the image is from Empress of China

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This is the original, I think the image is from Empress of China... I still haven't seen that drama, but I will soon ;)

Yeah, I did a lot of photoshop to make it somewhat like the story :D

Oops! This image does not follow our content guidelines. To continue publishing, please remove it or upload a different image.

Yeah, I did a lot of photoshop to make it somewhat like the story :D

Anyways, once again, this is the end guys. I hope you enjoyed the story 😵

PS, April Fools is in a few days 😉

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