16. Decisions and Revelations

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16. Decisions and Revelations

"The princess has fainted due to hunger and lack of sleep. She is currently in a coma." The imperial physician informed the emperor, empress, Yu Lijie, and practically every other royal family member.

Despite being envious of their first sister, Yu Zhenzhen's siblings had to come as a way of respect to the empress, and to confirm that the princess really was in a coma, not faking it.

And deep in their hearts, especially Yu Zhenzhen's half sisters, they were happy the spoiled beauty had her eyes closed.

She was so spoiled to the point she didn't appreciate that she was engaged to the most handsome guy in Yu, Nangong Longwei.

Her actions caused her to kneel without having eaten food to protest.

"When will my Zhen Zhen wake up?" The empress asked with tears in her eyes.

The imperial physician shook his head apologetically, "This I do not know... it may be in a few hours, it may be in a few months or it may even be in a few years."

"You! What kind of physician are you?" Emperor Yu bellowed in anger.

The imperial physician knelt down and began kowtowing until blood dripped from his forehead. "Forgive this servant your majesty." He repeated fearfully.

Emperor Yu waved it off and dismissed him and everyone else in the room. Only Yu Lijie, the empress, and himself stayed besides Yu Zhenzhen.

Yu Lijie grasped one of Yu Zhenzhen's cold hands and closed his eyes. "My poor sister..." he whispered.

Suddenly he turned around with fuming eyes, "I'll kill him! This is all because of that bastard. She wanted to break her engagement because he was treating her just."

"Lijie!" The emperor shouted.

Yu Lijie stopped and stared at his father in confusion. "Haven't you always wanted to get rid of him as well? This is the perfect opportunity."

"You are not his opponent..." Emperor Yu frowned. "In fact, I am not either."

Yu Lijie glared at his father, "You are the emperor! The Son of Heaven, the one above all! He is merely a duke. He should be the one that isn't your opponent!"

"Lijie-" Yu Lijie didn't allow Emperor Yu to complete his sentence as he said, "You are a coward, Emperor Yu! A coward who allows a small duke stand taller than him!"

Emperor Yu's face distorted into rage as he slapped his beloved son.

Yu Lijie stared at his father in disbelief. Never had his father raised his hand against him for anything, but now, it was all because of the subject Nangong Longwei.

"You unfilial son," emperor Yu sighed, "This is for everyone's safety." Only then did Yu Lijie pause.

"That man is very dangerous. Over the years, he had accumulated enough power to overthrow us. He holds more wealth than our imperial treasury! He holds more than half the power in his hands." Emperor Yu continued, "If you want to be the next emperor, I suggest you don't offend the Nangong household. When I was your age, I had asked your imperial grandfather the same thing. And he replied with the same thing, except at that time, it was Nangong Longwei's father."

Yu Lijie was stunned hearing his father's confession. But he stayed silent and continued to listen to his father's words.

"When Nangong Hengwon died, I had thought that they have finally lost some power. Yet his son, Nangong Longwei, had already started to train since the age of five! So by the age of fifteen, the boy had graciously accepted his father's position as the general in charge of over half the military. And his position as the Duke of Yu. And now, at the age of twenty-four, he had grown the Nangong name to the point that I, the emperor, cannot harm them."

Yu Lijie had calmed down his temper by this point as he stared at his comatose sister, "So you decided to sacrifice Zhen Zhen to stop him from overthrowing our imperial power?"

Emperor Yu stayed quiet and that answered Yu Lijie's question. "Do you see what your actions have caused Zhen Zhen now? She is lying with her eyes closed for who knows how long! Father emperor, I demand you to make Zhen Zhen's wish come true and cancel her engagement to that damned man."

Empress Yu placed a hand on emperor Yu's shoulder, "I think Lijie is right. I wish for our daughter to open her eyes without experiencing anymore grief."

Emperor Yu nodded and looked back at his daughter for one last time, before the trio left the room.


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