37. Revelations of the Female Lead

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Will reveal a bunch of stuff this chapter, be mentally prepared.

37. Revelations of the Female Lead

"You know, I never expected for this to happen." Yu Zhenzhen whispered while continuing to hug her older brother. "I just didn't think... Maybe it's time I moved on?"

Yu Lijie patted his sister's head comfortingly, "How do you feel about that decision? Think about yourself first, no matter what others say or demand. If you want to move on, I will support you. If you don't, I will probably laugh while you invent the look of sexy nun, but I'll still support you."

Yu Zhenzhen giggled and wiped her eyes, "You're the best brother, ever."

"I know."

Yu Zhenzhen looked at the sun and her eyes widened in panic, "Oh! I better leave or I will be late!"

Yu Lijie chuckled, "Going to see that old woman again, Su Su?"

Yu Zhenzhen blushed at her fake name, "The Xi Elder already knows my real name, don't bring that name up!"

Yu Lijie was about to say something else until two figures in servant attire appeared with their heads bowed.

Yu Zhenzhen grinned and said, "Er Xi! Xiaolin!"

Er Xi waved awkwardly, feeling bashful at the presence of the crown prince while Qing Xiaolin smiled angelically as always.

She was about to open her mouth and ask if they were going to visit the grandmother in the small boutique-like they always do-but Yu Zhenzhen nodded. Qing Xiaolin could feel excitement brimming inside of her at the thought of seeing the stylish clothes but her mood dampened when she remembered the cold look the old lady gave her every time she went with Yu Zhenzhen.

She didn't understand why the stupid old lady didn't like her. Yu Zhenzhen, after the day that Qing Xiaolin lost her master when he fell off the cliff, was completely and utterly broken. At first, it made Qing Xiaolin's heart ecstatic seeing the princess suffer. After all, she was supposed to be the heroine of this story, why did a fake wannabe join?

Yes, she, Qing Xiaolin, knew that there was a different soul occupying the body of the bratty princess, Yu Zhenzhen. Since she had experienced this world so many lifetimes, she had practically mastered every way of attracting the men and every way of making Yu Zhenzhen's life miserable.

When she first began, she was utterly clueless as her role of a simple, humble girl meant to be cannon fodder and would easily get her throat sliced no matter her pleas.

But thanks to her, until she, Qing Xiaolin, is satisfied, the story will continue repeating hence why she didn't mind that Nangong Longwei was dead. He was going to be hers in the next lifetime, anyways. Besides, she could always flirt with another handsome man since it does get pretty boring having the same cold hearted duke wrapped around her finger.

Surprisingly, the stupid princess regained her memories and actually managed to get a soul to enter her body. And to Qing Xiaolin's displeasuring shock, the soul was kind.

Genuinely and purely kind.

Which made Qing Xiaolin angry since there was no such thing as true kindness in this world. Seeing a fake girl with surprisingly brilliant cooking skills pissed her off. So at the beginning, she decided to befriend the girl and use her to get advantage. When that didn't get to her, she started to annoy and bother those that mattered to her, starting with the stupid servant named Er Xi.

Who knew the princess would break seeing the foolish servant get scolded? And who knew that Nangong Longwei and practically everyone would take her side except for one man named Natsu Sin?

Thinking of the foreign prince, Qing Xiaolin frowned. In every lifetime, it had been so difficult to get him to fall for her. Yet here was the princess-with the soul of another-easily having a harem that included the stone hearted prince.

It even included Nangong Longwei!

Qing Xiaolin repeated the scenario she always does in every lifetime but the stupid man didn't seem affected at all!

The dumb man was too busy drooling over the gorgeous princess thinking it wasn't obvious. In the end-Qing Xiaolin didn't know who to thank for the arrows and attack-he passed away.

But then again, that's what he deserves for denying her. He was the male lead and she was the female lead. It was destiny.

But you changed your destiny... it wasn't always like so, An inner voice reminded Qing Xiaolin.

Qing Xiaolin widened her perfected angelic smile. Indeed, she had changed her destiny. But to be fair, she was supposed to transmigrate in the body of the perfect princess, designed by her friend from long ago.

Qing Xiaolin remembered how he kept going on about a new technology that allowed him to holographically design the perfect girl with the perfect status and family. The girl with unparalleled looks and a fiancé who adored her to no end. A fictional girl by the name of Yu Zhenzhen.

A girl that she, Qinglin, was insanely jealous of. A girl that she was supposed to be thanks to her help. But alas, things didn't go the way they were supposed to and she ended up with a stupid, nameless character.

Qing Xiaolin looked at the sky and a small giggle escaped her mouth. To think she had grown from a abused orphan to someone that has so many men bow down in her presence. To think in every lifetime-except this one-she will get her happily ever after and become empress.

She turned her attention to Yu Zhenzhen and tilted her head innocently.

The soul inside princess was truly a fool.

Even though she had humiliated her that day, Yu Zhenzhen took pity on her and took Qing Xiaolin under her wing, providing her shelter with a high salary job since she was one of the princess' personal servants.

Qing Xiaolin narrowed her eyes at how different this lifetime was turning out to be. The princess was supposed to have been dead two years ago and she was supposed to have given birth to a prince by this point. But the same thing did get boring, so she didn't mind.

Besides, she wanted to manipulate the soul inside the princess for a bit longer.


Wow! So much revealed :P

But more will be revealed soonnnn

And besides, you'll find out why Qing Xiaolin, or Qinglin, is so pessimistic and who "she" is. I promise you're up for a plot twist :D

Including a twist I'm working on that's going to make you have mixed feelings lol

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