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So I've thought long and hard, and have finally reached a conclusion. All three books in this trilogy will be here in the same book, to save me from going back and forth and to save you space in your library! Here is the synopsis for book one. The synopsis for book two will be at the end of book one. The synopsis for book three will be at the end of book two!


When Zheng Mimi, a brilliant chef working in Starlight--a popular restaurant in China--accidentally eats a rotten egg, she finds herself in the same story she had been reading nonstop.

The story being 'The Overwhelming Lord's Sweet Consort'. A web novel that had attracted readers not only because of the angelic female lead and masculine male lead, but also because of the secondary female lead, Princess Yu Zhenzhen.

Princess Yu Zhenzhen was the tyrannical first princess of the empire of Yu with a reputation unlike any other. A teenage girl that had led her loving family members to death by falling in love at first sight with her fiancé, the male lead. Unfortunately for the princess, she had been decided as the villainess, no matter how captivating her face may have seemed.

As the princess cursed the duo that had been the main cause of her death in the epilogue of the story, Zheng Mimi finds her soul sucked into the story, portraying as the same evil princess, except a year before her death incident.

Now, Zheng Mimi is fighting a battle of survival. Which means staying away from all those who have caused the original Yu Zhenzhen's death and hopefully living a peaceful life without the interference of anyone.

But how was she supposed to know her naïve behave had not only attracted the attention of the secondary male leads, but the male lead, himself!?

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